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There’s much of local color in Transcarpathia. There’re also many people who realize that it is an advantage of the region. This story is about the guys who have managed to tell about their unique area in an interesting, up-to-date, witty and satire manner.

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Uzhgorod residents like coffee.

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In May Transcarpathia traditionally plunges into the atmosphere of knights fighting, archery tournaments, medieval poetry, and field kitchen. International Festival of Medieval Culture Silver Tatosh, which is taking place in Chynadiyevo castle near Mukachevo, helps this inimitable performance happen!

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At the regular session of the City Council, it is proposed to allocate from the city budget 540,000 UAH for execution of judgements of different courts in which the city council has lost cases.

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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed decrees according to which a number of judges from the zone of the antiterrorist operation were transferred to work in other cities of Ukraine, in particular, in Transcarpathia.

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Our border guards in the ATO area say hi to Transcarpathia in the volunteer group "Ukraine's Renaissance".

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Since the beginning of this year, Transcarpathian producers have increased their exports to the EU by 10.6%, while imports have decreased by 11.4%.

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As to July 16, 729 citizens are registered on the territory of Transcarpathian oblast, out of them 517 arrived from the eastern oblasts and 212 from the Crimea. All citizens applying to the oblast headquarter are provided with temporary housing.

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Allocate money from the budget a little, and the Treasury does not return those that lock and have earned themselves owed ​​nearly half a million hryvnia .

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Information war affected the Carpathian segment of the Internet

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Border detail of BS “Milove” of Luhansk Detachment detained three unknown persons nearby Ukrainian-Russian border. The men travelled from Russia in the direction of the village of Milove. Detainees reported that they were the citizens of Afghanistan, but they did not prove it by documents.

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Border guards of Chop Detachment stopped two attempts of illegal cross of the state border beyond the check point.

In the first case, in the area of BS “Guta” due to advance information about approach to the border, two citizens of Republic of Moldova were apprehended trying to get illegally to Slovakia.

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70% illegal migrants get to Ukraine through the territory of Russia. For the most part, their route from Afghanistan goes through Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and from there to Russia – it is explained by the chief of Head Department on Fight against Corruption and Organized Criminality, Serhiy Tkachenko.

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In the area of BS “Onokivtsi” of Border Department “Uzhgorod” of Chop Detachment law enforcement agents detected and detained the group of illegal migrants next in turn.

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Since early February, when severe frosts came to Ukraine, more than 150 people have died in the country, according to the Ministry of Emergency information. Most of them - homeless. Unfortunately, the realities suggest that this figure is not true. Real one is much more bigger. For the sake of "saving" the statistics Ukrainian officials rewrite "death from hypothermia," for cancer, stroke, cirrhosis, and dozens of other diseases.

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Financial Times' fDi Intelligence Unit has released their annual European Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/2013 report. According to the new document, seven Ukrainian cities topped the list of most cost effective destinations for investment. The Western Ukrainian city of Ternopil ranked as the best European city for cost effectiveness.

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Five tourists lost 13 January at Mount Gemba near pilipets Mežgornogo region of Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine, January 14, rescue teams were found in the told BakuToday the press service of Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine.
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On October 3, border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” of Chop Border Detachment together with workers of MOI detected a group of illegal migrants from Somalia in the evening. The violators were succeeded to be detained due to operative information received by the border guards the day before.

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To mark the 120th anniversary of the Transcarpathian artists Yosyp Bokshai and Adalbert Erdeli the exhibit halls of the Khlibnia Gallery at the National Preserve “Sophia of Kyiv” opened the most complete exhibit of the artists’ works in recent time.

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Hungarians around the globe marked an ominous and despairing memorial this June 4. Ninety-one years ago, in the turmoil and chaos of post-war Europe, the Treaty of Trianon (signed June 4, 1920) forever altered the regional ethnic structure of Central and Eastern Europe.

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Hungary expects Ukraine to explain recent questioning of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia in connection with their applications for Hungarian citizenship and ensure legal remedy, the foreign ministry state secretary told reporters in parliament on Monday.
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Hungary expects Ukraine to explain recent questioning of ethnic Hungarians by its security service in connection with their applications for Hungarian citizenship, the deputy prime minister told reporters in Parliament on Wednesday.

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UZHGOROD, Ukraine – For a year and a half, a 15-square meter room in western Ukraine has been home for Said Mustafa Marufi, his mother and six siblings. It may be their home for years to come.

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A new centre on temporary keeping illegal migrants is planned to be build in the centre of Chop in the frames of Agreement with EU on Readmission. The residents of the town opposed.

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In the area of BS “Dyula” of Mukachevo Border Detachment (Ukrainian-Romanian border) information was received from local citizens about movement of four unknown persons towards the state border.

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On February 8, Kyiv is expected to have cloudy weather with clearings, light sleet with rain at night and in the morning, no significant precipitations in the daytime, western wind of 5-10 m/s, and temperatures of -1...+1 C at night and of +5...+7 C in the daytime, Ukrainian News has learned from the Ukrainian Weather Center.

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This year the Transcarpathian authorities will allocate almost UAH 2 million from the regional budget to provide war veterans with medicine free of charge.

The financing is foreseen by the regional program of medication provision for WWII veterans and privileged groups of the region's residents for 2011 - 2016's. It will be allocated over UAH 22 million. within six years for its implementation.

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In western Ukraine, partly cloudy weather, no significant precipitations, fog in places at night and in the morning, ice covering on the roads, and western wind of 5-10 m/s are expected. Temperature will stand at -8...-13 C at night, and at -1...-6 C in the daytime, in Transcarpathia -3...+2 C.

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Only weeks after Russia’s consul general in Lviv called him the “Moses” of his people, Dmitry Sidor, an Uzhgorod priest loyal to Moscow who heads the Rusin movement in Transcarpathia, declared this week that “after many years” of using only political tactics, the Rusins are now prepared to “defend their freedom with arms in their hands.”

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As of morning December 16, decline in water level has been fixed in all rivers of Zakarpattia region, west of Ukraine (Transcarpathia), the Emergencies Ministry said on Thursday.

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