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The U.S and European Union may want to save Crimeans from themselves. But the Crimeans are happy right where they are.

One year after the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula in the Black Sea, poll after poll shows that the locals there — be they Ukrainians, ethnic Russians or Tartars are all in agreement: life with Russia is better than life with Ukraine.

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Information Resistance group leader Dmytro Tymchuk reported this on his Facebook page.

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EU admits strengthening of sanctions against Russia if the situation in eastern Ukraine deteriorates.

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"Accurate shooting was demonstrated by the anti-aircraft gunners of the anti-terrorist operation forces. In one sector of responsibility of the anti-terrorist operation forces, Ukrainian soldiers, with a skilled shot from a ZU-23-2, 'deprived of sight' the aerial reconnaissance of terrorists, presumably produced in Russia," reads the statement press center for the anti-terrorist operation.

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The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry plans to deliver the next batch of humanitarian supplies to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics by November 30.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his belief that Russia is the strongest nation, which will lead to — in his eyes — a positive end in Crimea, according to an interview with the state-owned TASS news agency.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has described "color revolutions" in some countries as a lesson and warning for Russia and urged to counteract their appearance in Russia by all means.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a draft presidential decree on the unilateral demarcation of the state border between Ukraine and Russia.

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On Sunday Poroshenko began a bilateral meeting with the President of Germany.

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Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders has said he is sure that now there is no reason to ease sanctions against Russia. He said this during a debate in parliament, according to the Twitter page of the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday evening held an emergency meeting of the Russian Security Council before his visit to China and Australia. This may mean that Russia could resume the war in Ukraine this weekend, Gazeta Wyborcza has reported.

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Russia wanted to involve Poland in occupying part of Ukraine.

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Russia has sent 40 buses with militants and 30 vehicles to the east of Ukraine, Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) information and analytical centre spokesman Andriy Lysenko said at a briefing on Friday, according to Ukrinform agency.

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Kazakhstan is ready to strongly contribute to the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine so as to get EU sanctions against Russia canceled.

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Ukraine still needs additional 5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to get through the winter and expects to agree on the temporary price for this amount at the joint talks involving Russia and the EU.

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Ukrsotsbank financial analyst Tanteli Ratuvuheri told a round table on risks and threats of termination of economic cooperation with the Russian Federation.

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Russia plans to aggravate the situation in Odesa - to this end, special services of Russia are preparing a series of provocations in the city.

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The head of government said this at a briefing on Friday. "Especially I appeal to our Western partners - one cannot supply weapons to those who then use these weapons against independent democratic countries," Yatseniuk said.

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Russia is pushing for a new "treaty on European security" to govern East-West relations, arguing that Nato is a Cold War relic. Nato officials say such a treaty would weaken the alliance and reward Russian "aggression". William Horsley, a writer on European affairs, examines what is at stake.

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Prague - Russia poses the biggest threat to the Czech Republic, Czechs said in the December poll conducted by the CVVM polling agency and released today.

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