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The group of participants has already returned from Khust to join Uzhhorod colleagues to perform the second contest task – "Portrait". This time the organizers of the contest diversified the task, adding intrigues and changing it to ... "Self-portrait". To ease the task, the participants were given a mirror. This is one of the features of the 3rd "Silver Easel".

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Cold, injured and stranded on a train track for two days, this terrified dog faced certain death.
But thanks to her loving companion who faithfully protected her until help arrived, Lucy survived the horrifying ordeal.
She was too injured to move from the tracks in Ukraine but her male friend Panda kept her alive by curling up next to her and pushing her head down when trains zoomed over.

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Here is a light, cheerful Breakfast TV interview, in Uzhgorod
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"There were spiders and draught there. So I ammediately thought that there must be a tunnel" - Oleksander Nikitchuk says.

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Uzhgorod deputies plan to make changes to the program of economic and social development of Uzhgorod in 2015. It is proposed to amend the Annex "Construction and reconstruction of socio-cultural and municipal facilities for 2015".

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Uzhgorod residents like coffee.

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An icon in honor of... Nicholas II - the Russian Emperor.

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This Saturday, the Day of Community Cleanup took place in our country. In Uzhgorod, people in almost all neighbourhoods were also cleaning their streets, parks and yards. However, there are people, who maintain order and cleanliness in their neighbourhoods throughout the year, and not just on one specific day of the week.

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For transportation of passengers by railways during the May holidays, the Ukrainian Railways arranged for additional trains and additional runs of regular trains to the most popular western and southern directions.

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Funds for this that make about $ 200 million will be provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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Allocate money from the budget a little, and the Treasury does not return those that lock and have earned themselves owed ​​nearly half a million hryvnia .

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In the area of BS “Onokivtsi” of Border Department “Uzhgorod” of Chop Detachment law enforcement agents detected and detained the group of illegal migrants next in turn.

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Only weeks after Russia’s consul general in Lviv called him the “Moses” of his people, Dmitry Sidor, an Uzhgorod priest loyal to Moscow who heads the Rusin movement in Transcarpathia, declared this week that “after many years” of using only political tactics, the Rusins are now prepared to “defend their freedom with arms in their hands.”

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The Young Wine Fest called «Carpathian Beaujolais» is traditionally held on the third weekend of November in Uzhgorod, the center of Transcarpathia region, Ukraine. The Festival has become a special tradition for this old town − this year is the 17th when it welcomes the connoisseurs of young wine, as well as those who simply want to enjoy the colorful romantic autumn in Zakarpattia.

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Each of us wants to be home or office was the most insulated from external influences – from dust, dirt and noise of the street. The windows of the plastic profile completely changed our ideas about quality and provide an opportunity to experience a new level of comfort and convenience – has long gone the time when modern were thick glass and heavy curtains with PVC windows did not need every year to paint the window frames, and analyze them for washing is entirely optional.

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All good human deeds start with someone’s dream. Fourteen years ago some married couple, Olha and Volodymyr Vasyliev (Kyiv), Barnabash and Habriela Adam (Uzhgorod), Mykola Khalymonenko (Kyiv), Oleksandr Sliepokurov (Simferopol), Mykhailo Tovt (Berehove), fulfilled their noble intents, and established and registered in the Ministry of Justice the Union for the Promotion of Rural Green Tourism Development in Ukraine.

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A memory lane has been laid down near the monument to Ukraine's liberators on the Ukrainian-Slovak border on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War (World War II).

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It is a car with integrated digital apparatus renhenohrafichnym. Ukrainian medics have won modern medical techniques by the grant contract.

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The Ukrainians joke that the entire philosophy and state system of the country are based on this product. If the candidate for presidency announces publicly that he is a vegetarian, then he risks not only to lose the election, but also to end his political career. In Ukraine he simply wont’ be understood.

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Washington, D.C - Today. Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) issued the following statement:

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Rabbi Lazar visited Uzhgorod on Monday to demonstrate his solidarity with the local Jewish community following anti-Semitic remarks made by the city's Mayor Sergey Ratushnyak.

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Uzhgorod Mayor Sergei Ratushnyak said that he wanted to save ordinary Jews from pogroms, "which will inevitably follow that now half of Ukraine goes to bed hungry".

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Yesterday, June 28, around 20.10 in Uzhgorod Sergei Ratushnyak attacked the chairman of the Transcarpathian Oblast of the party «Reforms and Order», assistant national deputy of Ukraine Ivan Berets and one of the officials of regional state administration.

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As sources of Ua-Reporter.com asserts in Uzghorod‘s executive committee, arose up the most serious “land” scandal between the mayor of Uzhgorod and proprietors of hotel "Druzhba".

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Now they began to deliver building materials on the football playground made by natives.

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As well as Ua-reporter.com foresaw, yesterday's report of press-service of the Uzhgorod city executive committee allegedly the attack of unknown person with a gun vs the mayor of the Uzhgorod city was a cynical attempt to justify the hooligan and inhuman act of Serhiy Ratushnyak, giving a dusting the drunk passer-by near the Chemistry faculty of Uzhgorod National University.

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Transcarpathia. According to the information source, who told UA-Reporter.com in Uzhgorod city police department, cruel murder happened today about 7 p.m. at 8th Marta Str. near the women's consultation clinic. A businessman was killed by several shots at face.

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On February 2, the protest action against dirty privatization of the single city swimming pool "Spartak" took place in the regional center of Zakarpattya. 30 Uzhgorod residents participated in the protest action. (photo-report)

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It is proved by the results of three days long visit of the official delegation of Uzhhorod to the capital of Russian Federation.

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