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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

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    09 March 2021 Tuesday

    Cabbage price grew in Zakarpattya(TRANSCARPATHIA)

    White cabbage prices jumped 15% up on retail markets in Uzhgorod, Zakarpattya oblast center; Lyudmila Dzyamko, the Market Information Specialist of Zakarpattya office, Agricultural Marketing Project, provided this information to "Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" journal. High-quality cabbage price has grown from $0.68/kg up to $0.78/kg during a week. The reduced white cabbage supply in the region caused the price growth; the specialist also mentions the delayed early cabbage supplies. And, the pre-holiday demand stimulated the price increase as well.

    "Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" journal has informed that early cabbage shipments will be actively supplied from the greenhouses early May. Field produce will enter the markets only mid May. Early cabbage producers cheer about the price growth for the past year cabbage. They think the higher price for past year cabbage is the higher price for early white cabbage will be.

    Past year mid May the early cabbage price was equal to the past year harvested cabbage price: it happened just in the moment of active early cabbage supplies to the regional markets. This situation can repeat this year again, as significantly larger shipments of early cabbage will be supplied on market comparing to 2005; the demand has grown too, but not so significantly. However, the early cabbage prices can be firm due to the cabbage export outside Ukraine - some Zakarpattya farmers are negotiating this idea now.

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