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    01 March 2021 Monday

    Ex-Premier Lazarenko will be arrested after returning to Ukraine

    The Interior Ministry is planning to arrest Ukraine's ex-Premier Pavlo Lazarenko (1996-1997) if he returns to Ukraine, minister Yuriy Lutsenko has told the press on Thursday.

    "Pavlo Lazarenko is on the international wanted list. In view of the fact that he has expressed a wish to return to Ukraine, he will be arrested at the airport," Lutsenko said. The Delo newspaper earlier said ex-Premier Lazarenko was preparing his returning to Ukraine and intends to bring business of his family back. According to the newspaper, a US court is to consider in November a release of Lazarenko as his imprisonment ends. Pavlo Lazarenko was deprived of the people's deputy immunity following his detention in Switzerland in 1998. Ukraine's ex-Premier has been staying in the United States since February 1999. There, he is accused of money laundering. Pavlo Lazarenko is among ten the most corrupted world leaders, according to the list presented by the World Bank at the UN Headquarters. In Ukraine, the local Interpol appraises the volume of damage inflicted by Lazarenko to Ukraine at about USD 130 million

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