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    09 March 2021 Tuesday

    Ukraine, EU Intending To Adjust Peculiarity Of Issuing Visas To Ukrainians In Wake Of Effect Of Visa Code

    Ukraine and the European Union are intending to adjust the peculiarity of the issuance of visas to Ukrainians, as the Visa Code of the European Union takes effect from April 5, 2010.

    Serhii Saienko, the press secretary for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told this to the press.

    "In the near future we should agree a date for the next meeting of the joint visa committee of Ukraine and the European Union where we plan to carry out a little monitoring of the conformity of the provisions of the visa facilitation agreement and the Visa Code to understand better where advantage is for Ukraine and where for the Code," he said.

    Serhii Saienko noted that the visa fee for Ukrainians won't change after the Visa Code takes effect. The visa fee will remain EUR 35, while for citizens of most of other countries the visa fee will be EUR 60.

    At the same time, the Visa Code envisages a right of the states of the Schengen zone to engage mediating companies for additional payment from applicants for visas.

    Commenting on other advantages of the Visa Code Saienko said the code provides applicants with a right to appeal against denial and obliges consulates to explain reasons for denying applicants visas.

    Serhii Alioshyn, ambassador for special missions of the consular department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, noted that although the Visa Code envisages introduction of submission biometrical data by applicants, this requirement does not address Ukraine.

    "Ukraine is not among countries of migration risk. For this reason the question of visa biometrics is not in the agenda," he said.

    According to Serhii Alioshyn, Ukraine welcomes the Visa Code and hope that the code will facilitate the transparency of issuance of visas to Ukrainians.

    He noted that the share of denials to Ukrainian citizens has shrunk to 5.4% on average from 16-17% several years ago.

    The representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Ukrainians to inform the ministry on cases of rudeness and unfounded refusal to issue visas.

    As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the European Union expects the Visa Code will make the issuance of visa to Ukrainians more transparent.

    The Council of the European Union eyes the signing of a "road map" for introduction of the visa-free regime with Ukraine.

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