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    28 February 2021 Sunday

    Interbank Hryvnia Rate Remains At 7.92 UAH/USD

    The hryvnia rate remained at 7.92 UAH/USD in the interbank forex market on Friday, after remaining unchanged on Thursday.

    Ukrainian News has learned this from the market players.

    According to commercial banks' dealers, the quotations ranged between 7.9150 and 7.9250 UAH/USD during the day.

    Most deals were concluded at the rate close to 7.92 UAH/USD, market players specified.

    The National Bank was buying out the excessive volume of dollar supply at 7.9240 UAH/USD.

    The hryvnia rate in the interbank forex market has strengthened by 0.75% from 7.9800 UAH/USD to 7.9200 UAH/USD since the start of the year.

    As Ukrainian News reported, the hryvnia rate went down by 0.38% from 7.95 to 7.98 UAH/USD in the interbank market in 2009.

    In 2008, the hryvnia rate fell by 57.4% from 5.05 to 7.95 UAH/USD.

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