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    28 February 2021 Sunday

    Ukrainians drink less beer

    According to experts, over the previous year, Ukrainians drank by 120-125 liters of beer. This is 3% less against 2010 and 3% up against the crisis year of 2009. Reduction of beer consumption is proved by studies of MMI Ukraine, held by TNS Company in summer. YeKey

    Economists calculated that the average price for one liter of beer increased over the year by over 12% due to a growth of prices for raw materials, primarily, for malt and packaging, as well as a rise of tariffs for energy carriers, transport tariffs, etc. A growth of beer prices lagged behind inflation - specialists of the sector agreed for reduction of profits, but the product all the same became expensive for a considerable part of consumers. According to financial director of the company Carlsberg Ukraine Oleksandr Hoviadin, in 2011, the segment for the first time occupied less than half of the market, its share reduced from 52% tо 46%. Solvent demand of population reduced, which testifies either to the start of the crisis period or to expectations of the crisis phenomena. In 2012, as market players forecast, a 2% sales slowdown is expected on the beer market. Reduction of population's solvency plays "against" specialists, holding UEFA EURO 2012 is "for."

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