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    06 March 2021 Saturday

    Ukraine : ATO in Donetsk and Lugansk regions may last about a year

    This forecast was made by commander of the volunteer battalion of the National Guard "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko.

    Semenchenko noted that to complete the ATO within a month is possible, but it is necessary to make significant efforts, to cut off supplies of weapons and saboteurs from Russia to Ukraine. He said the newly elected president in such a situation should direct his efforts at police reform and full logistical support of the army.

    Fight near Luhansk lasts for eight hours now

    About 500 representatives of the armed formations fighting against the Ukrainian army continue storming the control post of the Luhansk border squadron, the Ukrainian Border Guard Service said.It said those taking part in the storming, which has continued for eight hours now, are using mortars, machineguns and automatic rifles, it said.

    According to the latest reports, seven Ukrainian border guards have been injured during the fight. Casualties on the opposite side amount to five fatalities and eight being injured, the Ukrainian Border Guard Service said.It was reported that about 100 armed men drove up to the control post of the Luhansk border squadron at around 0030 and dispersed along the squadron's perimeter. The first attack, involving automatic rifles and underbarrel grenade launchers, began at around 0400.

    Since March over 250 Russian militants detained by Ukrainian border guards

    This was disclosed by chairman of the State Border Guard Service Mykola Lytvyn. These men tried to enter Ukraine to carry out subversive activities, said the official. He said that the Ukrainian border guards have additionally established 200 roadblocks and 400 firing positions.

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