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    28 February 2021 Sunday

    NATO's script for Ukraine

    If Ukraine is persuaded and become a member of NATO, our country may become a hostage of the American geopolitical game.

    The theme of acceptance into NATO takes not the last place in foreign policy of Ukraine. NATO, in turn, has been actively interfering into the defensive policy of our country for a long time. Since 1995 in the frameworks of the "" Partnership for Peace" program Ukraine in cooperation with NATO regularly organizes trainings - "Board of the World" and Sea Breeze ("" "). Under the obligations voluntarily taken by Ukraine, we annually increase our army reforming spending to be ready for passing to the standards of NATO. In plans of the North Atlantic alliance is to achieve complete compatibility between Ukrainian and NATO armies, and only after that to affirm officially the accession of Ukraine to the alliance. Strategists of NATO systematically recruit the Ukrainian military and political elites, convincing them to give to the alliance the tools for army controlling. The greatest success of NATO' recruiters in this direction is one of candidates to presidents, "persistent preacher" of "NATO - integration", who repeatedly and unambiguously declared that our country "will access" to NATO in case of his own victory at elections. The history of the North Atlantic alliance gives the answer to a question what waits on us in case of his victory.

    The North Atlantic alliance (the bloc of NATO) was established in 1949 by representatives of 12 countries. The purpose of the alliance was a repartition of the World after the Second World War and military camp creation in western countries which would fight against the countries of Warsaw Pact. Weakened by the war the leading European countries - England and France - could not prevent the USA from easily and irrevocably control taking over the North Atlantic alliance, and they became its main sponsors. Lately using frightened "red threat", NATO expanded the borders and strengthened its influence on military policy of other European countries. For the period of disintegration of socialist camp 16 countries of Western Europe had already involved into the alliance.

    In 1991 the USSR was disintegrated and it seemed that NATO lost the purpose of its existence. But on the moment the USA were finally formed as the country - consumer of a large part of world resources. To hold leading position in wearisome struggle for oil and political influence, America continues to increase the military presence at all economically attractive regions. For this reason as the instrument of the American aggression, NATO has become more important for the USA. Russia and other countries of post-socialist camp, as before, remain stay in a zone of activity of the alliance. And if NATO is not ready yet to subordinate Russia which still has the nuclear weapon and large territory, the independent countries, Russia's neighbors feel all effects of the North Atlantic alliance aggression. At the expense of post-Soviet allies the USA compresses countries, which are loyal to the NATO's policy, around Russia.

    First NATO has been accessed by the post-Soviet allies which were the participants of Warsaw Pact, then Baltic which actually is a western marine gate for Eurasia. Under the slogan "struggle against terrorism" military bases have appeared in Central Asia - where it is possible to threaten simultaneously both Russia, and Iran. The last country for today which has got under the American influence is Georgia, the main country of the explosion-hazard Caucasian region.

    In March, 2004 the American army acquired the right to unobstructed right to move by the territory of Georgia. The USA has undertaken to allocate annually 75 million dollars for reequipment of the Georgian army (and it is 10 % of the budget of Georgia). American military instructors are training commanders of Georgian sub-sections for operations in the mountains. Georgian engineering is modernized very fast. To take into account the conflict in South Ossetia all this activities remind preparations for a war. Michael Saakashvili, the President of Georgia has directly declared, that in case of the beginning of operations it will be war not between Georgia and Ossetia, but between Georgia and Russia. Saakashvili perfectly knows that the predominating part of the population of South Ossetia is citizens of Russia, and Putin cannot allow "to abandon" the Ossets as it happened with Adzharia. Saakashvili perfectly understand that the shaky Georgian economy entirely depends on Russian electric power and Russian goods. But he continues to pump situation, supported by the USA which, in turn, carry out their purposes making new conflict near Russian boundaries. And all minuses, in the form of aggravation of relations with Russia, fall on fragile shoulders of the Georgian economy.

    The following bridgehead of NATO's advance to the East can become Ukraine. And by then, when the Americans are going to take control over Ukraine, in Iraq one more Ukrainian young man who was sent to take part in the war for the American interests have died.

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