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251 bodies found killed in the fall of Malaysian liner in the Donetsk region

    16 January 2021 Saturday

    Rescuers found the bodies of 251 dead and the 66 body parts as a result of the collapse of the Malaysian study area of ​​the liner in the Donetsk region. This is stated in the report of the State Service for Emergency Situations of Ukraine.

    According to the report, July 20, in a mining area on the site of the crash Boeing 777-200 "Malaysian Airlines' continued search and rescue work.

    "As of 7 pm July 21 found the bodies of 251 killed and 66 fragments of bodies that have been delivered and loaded into refrigerated wagons at a train station Torez", - the report says.

    Rescuers search area surveyed about 120 m. km.

    "Prospecting is complicated by the presence of armed separatists who impede the work units GSCHS", - the report says.

    To search and rescue operations in the area of ​​the crash and special works in Kiev attracted 810 people, including 335 people from GSCHS. and 35. art.

    Recall, July 17 at 16:20 in the mining district of Donetsk region, the plane crashed Boeing 777-200 of "Malaysia Airlines", which carried out flight Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur (flight MH17).

    According to preliminary data, killing all 298 people who were on board: 283 passengers, including three children, and 15 crew members.

    Among the victims - 192 citizen of the Netherlands, one of whom had a second nationality - USA. The list also includes the 44 submitted by Malaysia, including 15 crew members, 27 Australians, 12 - Indonesia. 10 more victims of the tragedy - the subjects of Great Britain, one of which was a second nationality - South Africa. Among the dead are also four Germans, four Belgians, three Filipinos, one Canadian citizen and 1 - New Zealand.

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