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American writer staying in Ukraine clinic in grave condition

    25 January 2021 Monday

    The condition of American science fiction writer Robert Sheckley, who has been staying in a Ukrainian clinic for a week, remains grave.
    He is in Kiev’s private clinic Boris with the diagnosis of progressive respiratory insufficiency, the clinic’s president Mikhail Radutsky told Itar-Tass on Friday/

    Sheckley had myocardial infarction a few years ago.

    His condition is grave, but steady.

    “If there is no deterioration, this is already a victory,” Radutsky said.

    Sheckley is on artificial respiration and in drug-induced sleep in an intensive care unit.

    “Prognoses in this unit are given for one day,” Radutsky said answering a question about prospects for the recovery of Sheckley.

    Ukraine’s chief resuscitator and leading specialists of the Health Ministry and the Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmology are permanently in touch with the clinic’s doctors, giving consultative help.

    Radutsky said Sheckley’s relatives were expected to arrive in Kiev soon.

    This will facilitate work of doctors, as at present they are doing any medical manipulations only with permission of the relatives asked and given by fax.

    Commenting on reports alleging that Sheckley had lost his medical insurance police, Radutsky said a company that had arranged the visit of the writer to Ukraine sent to the clinic a letter guaranteeing the payment for medical services.

    Sheckley came to Ukraine to attend a forum of science fiction writers in April.

    He fell ill after a trip to Odessa and was hospitalised in Boris clinic.

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