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EC notes Ukraine-EU Association Agreement not end goal of cooperation

    24 January 2021 Sunday

    The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union (EU) is not the end goal of cooperation of the sides, Peter Stano, Spokesperson at the European Commission, told Interfax on Thursday when asked to comment on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's announcement of the country's plans to apply for a membership of the European Union in 2020.

    "We support Ukraine in its efforts if conducting the required political and economic reforms to modernize the country," Stano said. "At present we are working with Ukraine over the implementation of the Association Agreement, which foresees a plan for the reforms and modernization," he said. The European Union recently said that the Association Agreement is not the end goal of our cooperation, Stano said. He said that it was important to focus on urgent problems the country faces now ,and on the most effective ways of solving them in the interests of the Ukrainian nation. Ukraine should make its free and sovereign choice regarding its ambition, orientation and external relations, he said. As reported, on Thursday Poroshenko said that in six years' time Ukraine might be ready to apply for membership of the European Union.

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