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EURO-2008 Russia 0:3 Spain Translation

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    Spain produced a superb display to cruise past Russia and set up a Euro 2008 final against Germany on Sunday.
    Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas was the driving force behind the win after coming on as substitute for injured David Villa.

    Xavi turned home Andres Iniesta's cross after 50 minutes and substitute Daniel Guiza converted a superb pass from Fabregas with 17 minutes left.

    Fabregas played in David Silva for a simple third after 82 minutes as a disappointing Russia ended well beaten.

    -Match is finished! RUSSIA – SPAIN 0:3!

    90'Sytchev misses the target from 10 meters after good attack.

    90'2 minutes added.

    89'Guiza can't make the fourth goal from the best position you can imagine!

    88'Casillas parries dangerous header shot from Sychev from several meters!

    87'All is clear in our match, "Russian wonder" is finished.

    86'Pass through defence and offside. Russians have the ball.

    85'Anyukov stops the Guiza raid without foul in dangerous situation.

    84'Sytchev commits a foul on Marchena.


    0:3! Silva!

    Counter attack, Fabregas passes to the centre of box and Silva leaves no chance to Akinfeev!

    81'Spanish dominate without doubts.

    79'Zyryanov crosses to nowhere. Russia have no chance after the break.

    78'Rain falls without pause.

    77'Silva can't reach the ball on the left wing but executes a corner kick.

    76'Semak commits a foul on Iniesta stopping counter-attack.

    75'All Spain are on own part of field.


    0:2! Guiza!

    Great combination and Guiza shots without problems from 7 meters!

    73'No Russia on the field in the second half.

    72'Ramos makes a header shot from 7 meters to the left.

    71'Fabregas shoots to the upper part of goal. Akinfeev send the ball up to cross-bar.

    70'Spain make a substitution: Guiza comes on for Torres.

    69'Spain make a substitution: Alonso comes on for Xavi.

    68'Zhirkov stops Torres near own goal with sliding tackle.

    67'Berezutski stops the Torres raid in own box without foul.

    66'Pavlyuchenko is caught offside after massive attack.

    65'Zhirkov hits the wall from 30 meters, out for Russia.

    64'Marchena commits a foul on Sytchev after counter-attack.

    63'Torres misses the target after bad shot from 6 meters after great Ramos pass from the right.

    62'Torres fires from 10 meters to right.

    61'Iniesta after through pass can't offer ball to partners when Akinfeev have been off.

    60'One more yellow card to Russia. Bilyaletdinov is booked.

    59'Spain lead the game all second half.

    58'Russia make a substitution: Sytchev comes on for Saenko.

    57'First yellow card for Zhirkov.

    56'Russia make a substitution: Bilyaletdinov comes on for Semshov.

    55'Little panic so often near Akinfeev goal.

    54'Iniesta and Silva passes near penalty area and the first one can't reach it.

    53'Russia make few fouls, the referee asks them to be more quiet.

    52'Torres fires from 20 meters up to cross-bar!



    Fast attack, Iniesta makes wonderful pas from the left corner of the box and Xavi leads the score!

    50'Pavlyuchenko makes bad pass and stops counter-attack near penalty area.

    49'Anyukov saves near goal after cross from Ramos.

    48'Fabregas commits a foul on Zyryanov. No card for rough play.

    47'Nice wide pass from Ramos to Silva, Akinfeev saves again.

    46'The second half begins with no substitutions!

    -The first half ends!

    RUSSIA – SPAIN 0:0 after 45 minutes!

    45'1 minute is added.

    45'Xavi makes a cross, but keeper catches the ball.

    44'Ignashevich commits a foul on Torres on the last minutes of first half.

    43'Akinfeev catches the ball from the right channel from Iniesta.

    42'Counter-attack and Torres is stopped near Russian penalty area.

    41'Ramos stops Zhirkov's raid on the left channel without problems.

    40'Fabregas crosses from the right, but Akinfeev is first on the ball.

    39'Torres fints and fires from 10 meters, keeper saves!

    38'Ramos shots from the left leg from his wing but the ball flies about nearest post.

    37'Pavlyuchenko makes a header kick and misses to right after cross from Anyukov.

    36'Pavlyuchenko is caught offside near Spanish goal.

    35'Spain make a substitution: Fabregas comes on for Villa (injury).

    34'Villa is injured and requires medical treatment.

    33'Russia have an initiative and attack.

    32'Arshavin and Zyryanov miss the ball and commit a foul in the centre.

    31'Pavlyuchenko hits near right post from 20 meters!

    30'30 minutes passed, 0:0.

    29'Dangerous shot form Villa is parried!

    28'Zyryanov commits a foul on Silva in 27 meters from own goal.

    27'Iniesta misses a ball in the Russian box, Torres makes a header kick to the right.

    26'Akinfeev fists the ball in own box. Little fight with Saenko and Capdevila. Referee fixes it.

    25'Ramos makes a left footed shot from the right wing. Akinfeev saves.

    24'Possession: 57% - 43%.

    23'Not good attack for Russia after corner from the left.

    22'Zhirkov makes the raid on the left channel but only out to Russia.

    21'Senna commits a foul on Semak near left touch line.

    20'Arshavin makes a cross from the centre line but his shot is blocked.

    19'Zhirkov makes pass along the goal but the ball come to touch line.

    18'Shots: 1 - 5. Ramos and Capdevila are very active on the wings. This is something new as for Spain tactic.

    17'Pavlyuchenko fires up to cross-bar with a right-footed kick.

    16'Puyol commits a foul on Arshavin on 30 meters from own goal.

    15'Ramos crosses and Torres foul in attack on Ignashevich! No penalty for Spain!

    14'Senna shots from 30 meters but Russians block it.

    13'Few crosses and Ramos passes to Casillas. Attack is finished.

    12'Saenko executes a corner kick on the right wing for Russia.

    11'Akinfeev saves in the right corner after far kick from Silva!

    10'Saenko shots from a narrow angle from the right but Casillas saves.

    9'Russians pressure on the oppose part of field and win free kick.

    8'Xavi fires from far distance and misses to the right.

    7'Torres from 8 meters shots and hits the keeper!

    6'One more corner and Russian defenders send ball far away.

    5'Dangerous cross from the right wing to Ramos but the last one misses the ball.

    4'Torres from the right makes a pass to goal. First corner for Spain.

    3'Nervous game now. It is logically.

    2'Hiddink's players are very active in the first seconds.

    1'Russia kick off, and they will attack from right to left in the first half.

    -De Bleckere from Belgium is a referee today.

    -The anthems are out of the way, and we are ready to start!

    -Both teams are on the field.

    -Players are going from dressing rooms.

    -It is rainy in Wien. Will be great if no problems happens.

    -Russia squad:

    1 Igor Akinfeev

    2 Vasili Berezutski

    4 Sergei Ignashevich

    9 Ivan Saenko

    10 Andrei Arshavin

    11 Sergei Semak

    17 Konstantin Zyryanov

    18 Yuri Zhirkov

    19 Roman Pavlyuchenko

    20 Igor Semshov

    22 Aleksandr Anyukov


    3 Renat Yanbaev

    5 Aleksei Berezutski

    6 Roman Adamov

    12 Vladimir Gabulov

    13 Oleg Ivanov

    14 Roman Shirokov

    15 Diniyar Bilyaletdinov

    16 Vyacheslav Malafeev

    21 Dmitri Sychev

    23 Vladimir Bystrov

    Spain squad:

    1 Iker Casillas

    4 Carlos Marchena

    5 Carles Puyol

    6 Andrйs Iniesta

    7 David Villa

    8 Xavi Hernбndez

    9 Fernando Torres

    11 Joan Capdevila

    15 Sergio Ramos

    19 Marcos Senna

    21 David Silva


    2 Raъl Albiol

    3 Fernando Navarro

    10 Cesc Fаbregas

    12 Santi Cazorla

    13 Andrйs Palop

    14 Xabi Alonso

    16 Sergio Garcнa

    17 Daniel Gьiza

    18 Бlvaro Arbeloa

    20 Juanito

    22 Rubйn de la Red

    23 Pepe Reina

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