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EURO-2008 Spain 0:0 Italy Comments Translation reload SPAIN IN THE SEMI-FINAL

    20 January 2021 Wednesday

    Today we will watch the last quater-final - Spain against Italy. We have three teams, which will play in the semi-final - Germany, Turkey and RUSSIA. The winner of this game is the opponent of Russia national team in the next round. A lot of Russian supporters are waiting for revenge to Spain, so today they are on the Spanish side but Italy and Italian supporters have another point of view.No doubt that it will be fantastic match like other quater-final games!


    -Guiza!!! Buffon makes a save!! 3-2!!

    -Camoranesi scored! 3-2!

    -Senna!! 3-1!

    -De Rossi! Save by Cassillas!!! 2-1! Chabce to win for Spain!

    -Cazorla!!! Nice shot! 2-1!

    -Grosso! Equals! 1-1!!

    -Villa! 1-0!!! Great shot!

    -Di Natale!!! Bravissimo Cassillas!! 3-2!!

    -Spain will be first in this shotout.

    -SPAIN 0-0 ITALY

    Penalty shotout will be the jurge!

    -Whisle of Herbert Fandel! 0-0!

    118'What a chance by Cazorla. Near left post!

    117'Guiza is very inaccurate! Anither time he loses his moment.

    116'Del Piero tries to cross but ,akes a mistake. Spain with a ball.

    115'May be last attack to Itally. Grosso with ball.

    114'Antonio comes on the pitch. All is good with him.

    113'Di Natale is injured, he needs doctors.

    112'Cazorla is booked because of arguing with referee.

    111'Good shot by Villa! Near the left post!

    110'Two strong teams, no one deserve to lose. But one team will be incresibly happy tonight, another would cry. This is football. 5 minutes left to the penalty lottery. It is absolutely a lottery!

    109'Substitution for the shoout by Donadini. Del Piero comes on for Aquilani.

    108'Grosso crosses into the penalty area, but it was too long.

    107'Very dangerous free kick to Italy.

    106'Second extra-time starts!

    -SPAIN 0-0 ITALY. No goals, no additional tome to the first extra-time.

    104'Guiza strikes between Chiellini legs but ball is too far.

    103'All is OK with "Villareal's" midfielder.

    102'Senna is lyind on the pitch he needs medical treatment.

    101'Low-speed game we see. Very low speed, we can manage that players are too tired.

    100'Again Cesc in the centre of our attantion. Now he caught offside.

    99'Shot by Fabregas from the narrow angle. Not accurate.

    98'We come nearly to the penalty shot-out, second in the quater-final games.

    97'Ramos runs out in the right wing and lose a ball.

    96'Two great shots by Di Natale and after that - Toni! Near the target.

    95'Marchena saves the situation! He shot out a ball from penalty area after cross by Italy.

    94'Silva!!! Santimetres near the post. Tremendous shot by #21.

    93'Dangerous free kick to Spain. Silva crosses, Villa falls down. Of course, no penalty gives!

    92'Last 30 minutes in the last quater-final game in this EURO.

    91'Overtime starts!

    -We wait overtime! 90 minutes past! SPAIN - ITALY 1:1!

    90'Corener to Spain, defenders kick a ball out.

    90'3 minutes added.

    89'Too fast pass by Fabregas. Guiza can't catch it up.

    88'Camoranesi runnes in th right wing. In the last moment he touches a ball. Goal kick.

    87'Perhaps, players are tired, so the rate of the game is rather slow.

    86'Hand ball by Guiza. Daniel forgets that he playes football, not volleyball.

    85'Italy tries to play long passed, neither than Spain, which prefer low passes.

    84'Not anough time left to score before overtime.

    83'Torres is out! Little bit surpeisingly. Guiza comes in.

    82'Grosso don't understand Toni and don't shot near Spanish gates.

    81'Italy plays too deep this period of time.

    80'What a moment!! Senna strikes, shot was too strong that Buffon lose a ball it touches the post and after taht Gianluigi takes it. Bid luck to Italy.

    79'Buffon saves Italy after good free kick near penalty area.

    78'Another corner! Defenders jumps higher and kick a ball out.

    77'Rather good corner by Fabregas but Buffon beat it out.

    76'Spain is more active in the last minutes. Will we see a goal? Let's wait.

    75'Another offside to Italy.

    74'Di Natale comes on for Cassano.

    73'I think we will see two additional halfs in this game.

    72'Spain tries to attack from the right wing.

    71'Long-distance strike by Ramos. Too far from target!

    70'Fast counter-attack by Spain, which ends by dropping Villa in the penalty area. Yellow card to Villa. Fandel thinks that David is "diver".

    69'Good free kick by Spain. Ball comes to corner after ricochet from defenders, Corner kick will be.

    68'Italy lose this chance. Goal kick.

    67'Toni on the fiels. It may be a dangerous free kick to Italy.

    66'Far shot by Aqulani. Some accuracy needs players.

    65'Donadoni is nervous. Aragones tries to be calm this minutes.

    64'Another foul in the centre. Fandel is too kind tonight. Only 2 yellow cards we saw.

    63'After that attack red-black players tries to control a ball.

    62'Some panic in Spanish defend! Strange that we didn't see a goal.

    61'What a save by Iker! After confusion in the penalty area Camoranesi strikes and "Real" keeper takes it. Bravissimo, Iker Cassilas!

    60'Double substitution by Aragones. "Barca's" players are out the fiels. Cesc Fabregas and Casorlo comes into the ground.

    59'First substitution in the game. Perrota is out. Camoranesi comes in.

    57'Cross from Capdevilla, Torrs can't touch Europass. He is alone in the attack. Where is Vills? Exactly near midfielders.

    56'Spain controls a ball this minutes.

    55'Marchena makes a bad shot. Far away from the crossbar.

    54'If your child didn't sleep, you may show this game. Unambiguously he will fall asleep. Spanish fans on the stadium are yawning.

    53'Too far away from the goal after Panucci shot.

    52'Senna commints foul on Massimo Ambrosini.

    51'Toni is too hurry nit thr first time. Offside.He need to stay only one milisecond and it can be a one on one moment. Not this time, Luca!

    50'Miserable corner by Spain.

    49'Rebound by Italian defenders in the penalty area! Silva strikes. Corner will be.

    48'Very good combination, Iniesta should strike but he missed a ball. What a chance to strike!

    47'Not many attempts on goal we saw in the first 45 minutes. If teams will play like that, we may see additional halfs and penalty shout-out.

    46'Second half has began! We are waiting for the goal, hope Donadoni and Aragones told players how to score.

    The first half ends! SPAIN 0:0 ITALY after 45 minutes!

    45'1 minute is added.

    45'Rough tackle by Senna. Surprisingly it is not a "yellow" foul.

    44'One touch play by Spainsh players. Iniesta strikes too inexact.

    43'Donadonni players tries to attack from the right. Pretty good combination but Ramos intercepts.

    42'Silva is lying in the penalty area. Fandel don't whistle. David needs medical treatment.

    41'Xavi on the field. Tackle by Perrotta.

    40'Perfect answer by Italian forwars. Defenders takes ball under control.

    39'Two dangerous shots by Spain! Last shot makes Silva, Europass flies near the left post. Buffon is too angry!

    38'Cross from Cassano to Toni, he strikes but ball hits Marchrna's head.

    37'I remind that Pirlo and Gattuso are disqualified.

    35'Far shot by Iniesta from 25 metres.

    34'Another offside to Italy. Grosso is to fast on the left wing.

    33'Very slow temp in this game. Incredibly high value of this game.

    32'Good shot by David Silva. Buffon takes it.

    31'Ambrosini is booked. My forecast comes true.

    30'Torres in offside.

    29'Silva intercept pass in the centre and tries to attack.

    28'Offside by Toni. Bayern's forward tries to score a first goal in this tournament. Rather bad EURO to him.

    27'Throw in to Spain near Italian penalty-area.

    26'We must admit that team are not attune to atack from the first minutes.

    25'Fantastic shot into the right bottom corner. Beautiful save by Italian keeper.

    24'Foul by De Rossi near penalty area. Very dangerous free-kick.

    23'Silva crosses from the left wing, defenders beat out a ball.

    22'Another good combination by Italy. But mistake in the last touch.

    21'Cross by Zambrotta. Goalkeepes takes it.

    20'Torres caught offside. Senna ,akes a great pass but forward is to hurry.

    19'Italy controls a ball a lot, especcially Ambrosini.

    18'Another foul in the centre.

    17'Great save by Cassilas! Ambrosini crosses to Perrotta, head shot and Cassillas makes a save.

    16'Another mistake by Fernando. He makes awful cross from the right corner.

    15'Bad Torres's attempt to drible in the penalty area. Liverpool's forward lose great chance to shot.

    14'I supose tonight we will see a lot of yellow cards. Many fouls commited.

    13'Great play by Puyol, intercepts a pass to Luca Toni.

    12'Iniesta is booked for rough play agains Grosso.

    11'Torres make a hard tackle to Cassano. Free kick.

    10'Dangerous free kick to Italy. Vlla losses a ball.

    9'First time Buffon touches the Europass.

    8'Spain controls a ball. Xavi makes a good pass to Silva.

    7'Good lobbing by De Rossi. Casillas makes a save.

    6'A lot of time ball passes in the centre, both teams a very carefully. They affraid to lose goal in the first part of the game.

    5'Italy is more dangerous in the first minutes tonight!

    4'Not a good cross by Panucci from right wing. Defenders intercept a ball.

    3'Silva lose ball on the left win. Italy now controls it.

    2'Bag try to attack by Italy. And the first foul by Zambrotta.

    1'First time has began. Spain will attack from the left to the right. Spanish team wears traditionally red-black kit. Italy will play in the white kit.

    -We hear the anthems of Italy and Spain. Probably everybody is singing in the stadium, especially Italian players and fans.

    -Players now on the field.

    -Herbert Fandel is the referee of tonight game.

    -Few minutes remains to the start whistle.

    -Spain squad:

    1 Iker Casillas

    4 Carlos Marchena

    5 Carles Puyol

    6 Andrйs Iniesta

    7 David Villa

    8 Xavi Hernбndez

    9 Fernando Torres

    11 Joan Capdevila

    15 Sergio Ramos

    19 Marcos Senna

    21 David Silva


    13 Andrйs Palop

    23 Pepe Reina

    2 Raъl Albiol

    3 Fernando Navarro

    18 Бlvaro Arbeloa

    20 Juanito

    10 Cesc Fаbregas

    12 Santi Cazorla

    14 Xabi Alonso

    22 Rubйn de la Red

    16 Sergio Garcнa

    17 Daniel Gьiza

    Italy squad:

    1 Gianluigi Buffon

    2 Christian Panucci

    3 Fabio Grosso

    4 Giorgio Chiellini

    9 Luca Toni

    10 Daniele De Rossi

    13 Massimo Ambrosini

    18 Antonio Cassano

    19 Gianluca Zambrotta

    20 Simone Perrotta

    22 Alberto Aquilani


    5 Alessandro Gamberini

    6 Andrea Barzagli

    7 Alessandro Del Piero

    8 Gennaro Gattuso

    11 Antonio Di Natale

    12 Marco Borriello

    14 Marco Amelia

    15 Fabio Quagliarella

    16 Mauro Camoranesi

    17 Morgan De Sanctis

    23 Marco Materazzi

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