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Everybody does it in Ukraine

    19 January 2021 Tuesday

    I recently blogged here and here about the alleged supply of arms by Ukraine to Georgia during the latter’s recent mini-war with Russia in Southern Ossetia, and on the setting up of a temporary Ukrainian parliamentary committee to investigate this matter.

    The temporary investigative committee has recently returned from Southern Ossetia and Russia. Its head, PoR VR deputy Valeriy Konovalyuk, spoke to journalists today and claimed the committee had received documents indicating that Ukrainian military experts had taken part in the conflict. "There is no doubt that a question will arise about the political assessment and responsibility, primarily of the president, who provided for the full control over the export of arms sphere from Ukraine," said Konovalyuk.

    He also alleged that during their verification serious irregularities in the activities of ’Ukrspetsexport’ and other companies were revealed. The temporary investigative committee will be ready to produce its report next week. They will be calling for managers of several of these companies to be sacked.

    Also today the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) passed a criminal case against NUNS VR deputy Hennadiy Moskal to the Prosecutor’s General Office for their consideration. Acting head of the SBU, Valentyn Nalyvayckenko, at a press conference alleged the case concerned granting of war veteran status to certain persons, in return for bribes. By coincidence [or not?] Moskal is first deputy chairman of the VR Committee for combating corruption and organized crime.

    Nalyvayckenko also ’fingered’ two BYuT VR deputies for illegal financial operations, possibly involving contraband.

    Recently several members of the the Committee for combating corruption and organized crime, including Moskal, won an appeal to cancel a presidential ukaz appointing Tyberiy Durdynets deputy head of the Committee. Durdynets had worked for a long time in Transcarpathia where head of presidential secretariat Viktor Baloha had developed his business empire.

    Former deputy head of the SBU, now deputy head of the BYuT VR fraction, Andriy Kozhemyakin claims these accusations have just been organized by the pres’s secretariat and the SBU to discredit his political force.

    A while ago I challenged a Ukrainian friend for committing a minor criminal motoring offence. He replied: "Don’t worry, its OK, everybody does it in Ukraine."

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