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Military were withdrawn from Mariupol to avoid further aggravation

    23 January 2021 Saturday

    The Ukrainian government has sufficient powers to restore order in Mariupol but it decided to withdraw troops from the city to avoid an aggravation of the situation, acting head of the Ukrainian presidential administration Serhiy Pashynsky has said. "As for Mariupol, the situation today is quite tense and we even agreed to withdraw our army unit from the city, to the airport so as not to provoke further confrontation, to let the local community calm down," he said at a May 11 briefing in Kyiv.

    "The government has sufficient power in Mariupol," he said adding that "nobody will go to kill local citizens.""We have officially addressed the city community of Mariupol saying that we are ready to resume city patrolling by police forces and the restoration of public order," he said.

    Checkpoints around Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Krasny Lyman destroyed

    None of the Ukrainian troops and civilians have been killed or injured during a routine security operation near the towns of Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and Krasny Lyman in Donetsk region, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said on May 11."All terrorist checkpoints around Krasny Lyman and a checkpoint in Sloviansk proper, the one near the feed mill plant where brief fighting took place today, have been destroyed," the statement said.

    The checkpoint in the Andriyivka area near Kramatorsk has also been destroyed, the ministry added."There have been no losses on our side. No losses among civilians. Terrorist losses have yet to be confirmed," the statement said.

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