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Pig Funtik Predicts Victory For Sweden Over Ukraine In EURO 2012

    20 January 2021 Wednesday

    Funtik, a psychic boar, has predicted victory for the Swedish national football team in its match against the Ukrainian national football team, which will take place in Kyiv on Monday in the group phase of the 2012 European football championships.

    In the Ukraine-Sweden pair, the boar first ate cereal from a plate with the flag of Sweden.

    Thus, according to the prediction rules, Funtik predicted victory for Sweden.

    In addition, Funtik predicted victory for France over England in a match that will take place in Donetsk on Monday.

    The first round of matches in Group D of the 2012 European football championships will be played on Monday.

    France will play against England at the Donbas Arena stadium (Donetsk) at 19:00 while Ukraine will play against Sweden at the Olympiiskyi National Sports Complex (Kyiv) at 21:45.

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