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Regions of Transcarpathia

    22 January 2021 Friday

    Built on the banks of the Uzh River, Uzhgorod is Ukraine's most Western city. It is the centre of the region of Zakarpatya. The heart of the old city, the historic Stare Misto boasts of outstanding architectural landmarks such as the Uzhgorod Castle, St. Nicolas Church (13th century) and the Museum of Local Architecture and Customs.

    Transcarpathia map
    Transcarpathia map

    Volovets – 163 km from Lviv, 108 km from Uzhgorod. It was founded in 17th century by the migrates from Western Ukraine. Its population is about 10000 inhabitants. Volovets is 8 km spread along the river Vechi. This town will attract you by its mineral sources and mountain Pikuy (1405 meters from the sea level). You can get to Volovets by route train to the station Volovets. Price for 1 ticket – 2-5 USD one way.

    Ust – Chornaya – 313 km from Lviv, 187 km from Uzhgorod. It is situated on the river Teresva and was founded in the end of 18th century by the migrates from Austrian mountain region Tyrol. You can get to Ust-Chorna – by route train to station Uzhgorod and by route bus to Ust-Chorna.

    Mezhgorie – 180 km from Lviv, 147 km from Uzhgorod. This small town on the river Rika which historical name (exists more than 300 years) is Volove. In the center of the town is monument of dendrology that is 390 years old. Here the tourists can have a trip to Synevir lake. You can get to Mezhgorie - by route train to station Uzhgorod and by route bus to Ust-Chorna.

    Dragobrat valley is the most popular among ski professionals. It is located 18 km from Yasynya on the meeting-point of coniferous woods and alp zone. The highest top 1300 –1400 meters from the sea level.

    The unique location provides stable snow cover all year round.

    Here you can observe the highest top of the Carpathians “Hoverla”

    The main ski lifts are on the mountain Stih – two ski lifts 1000 meters length. Besides these ones there are several short.

    It is popular place for those who are fond of snowboarding.

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