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Sacked Ukraine’s Tymoshenko Named Person of Year in Central and Eastern Europe

    19 January 2021 Tuesday

    Sacked Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has been named person of the year at the XV International Economic Forum in Krinitsa, Poland, but claims that she was stripped of her award at the personal request of President Viktor Yushchenko, Radio Liberty reported.The chairman of the forum Zygmunt Berdykhovsky said that Tymoshenko was due to receive the award as a “symbolic representative of all the awarded” - all people, who have changed the situation in the Eastern Europe during Orange revolution in Ukraine last year.

    The rewarding ceremony failed to take place as Tymoshenko had to cancel her visit to Poland after her cabinet was dismissed because of the allegations of high-level corruption.

    She said earlier that at “personal request of Viktor Yushchenko” she was “stripped of her award, and it was given to another politician.”

    Meanwhile, Zygmunt Berdykhovsky expressed hope that only lack of information made Yulia Tymoshenko announce it. “No one was stripped of the award. Mrs. Tymoshenko will receive it soon,” he promised.

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