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Viktor Baloha's statement of resignation from post of head of Presidential Secretariat signed today

    23 January 2021 Saturday

    He explained that the main reason for his decision to resign was his strong disagreement with President Viktor Yushchenko's intention to run for the presidency again.

    "I am sure he has no moral right to run for the presidency," says Baloha's statement put on the website of the United Centre party, whose presidium member he is.

    President Viktor Yushchenko accepted resignation of Viktor Baloha from post of Head of Presidential Secretariat
    Viktor Yushchenko disclosed this in an interview to Delo newspaper.

    "This is a long-waited reloading of authority," the President said. Asked if Viktor Baloha will engage in the presidential election campaign, Mr Yushchenko noted that consultations were proceeding on the issue. "We have not yet discussed it with Baloha. I believe, he is an all-sufficient man and will do what he likes or he may assist in organization of the election campaign - the door is open. If he prefers doing other things, this is his right," the President stressed.

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