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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

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    14 July 2024 Sunday
    Дата публикации: 02.03.2015 14:27:25

    One military service member has been killed and four inured in the anti-terrorist operation zone in southeastern Ukraine in the past 24 hours, ATO

    Дата публикации: 02.03.2015 11:33:59

    Today we have been joined by Márton Gyöngyösi Leader of Jobbik’s foreign affairs committe, Vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hu

    Дата публикации: 26.02.2015 18:02:20

    Expanded IMF bailout for Ukraine to include 'heavily front-loaded' cash payments

    Дата публикации: 18.02.2015 21:24:35

    Commander of the Donbas battalion, MP Semen Semenchenko reported that 167 Ukrainian soldiers have been injured near Debaltseve.

    Дата публикации: 16.02.2015 21:29:09

    It was reported by the head of the group "Informational Resistance" D. Tymchuk.

    Дата публикации: 08.02.2015 16:12:40

    Steffen Seibert, the spokesman of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday that preparations are underway for her to meet Russian President Vlad

    Дата публикации: 08.02.2015 13:24:39

    Im gewaltsamen Konflikt in der Ostukraine könnten einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge bereits bis zu 50.000 Soldaten und Zivilisten getötet worden sein.

    Дата публикации: 06.02.2015 09:48:58


    Дата публикации: 02.02.2015 18:25:15

    Militants have launched five attacks on Ukrainian positions in Debaltseve in the past 24 hours and every attack was repelled, Ukrainian army spokes

    Дата публикации: 02.02.2015 14:12:52

    Fifteen Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 30 others injured in the area of the military operation in southeastern Ukraine over the past 24

    Дата публикации: 30.01.2015 15:56:23

    Within several days, a 17-minute pornographic video that police say was filmed in the Valley Library at Oregon State University had 262,000 online

    Дата публикации: 28.01.2015 07:54:20

    There were 7 citizens of Syria inside the vehicles driven by Ukrainian citizens.

    Дата публикации: 26.01.2015 16:11:03

    Ukrainian govt declares state of emergency in Donbas
    26 января 2015 г., 15:24:00

    Дата публикации: 24.01.2015 08:25:32

    To finance projects to rebuild Donbas and support reforms, the statement said.

    Дата публикации: 24.01.2015 05:18:14

    Sixteen Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded and captured during the fighting for the Donetsk airport, the press service of Ukraine's Defence Minis

    Дата публикации: 19.01.2015 19:02:36

    Ukraine urges EU not to weaken the sanctions until the Russian side does not reimburse the losses caused to our country.

    Дата публикации: 19.01.2015 13:34:20

    "Jobbik believes the Ukrainian government has reached the peak of hypocrisy through Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Kimkin's statement made in th

    Дата публикации: 18.01.2015 08:44:51

    There were times in Ukraine’s recent history when even the country’s military brass were kneeling before the U.S. Literally.

    Дата публикации: 17.01.2015 10:25:56

    For the successful implementation of reforms.

    Дата публикации: 14.01.2015 12:52:30

    Ukraine's ground transport safety authority Ukrtransinspektsiya banned passenger transportation in the areas where the counter-terrorist operation

    Дата публикации: 12.01.2015 07:59:17

    Information Resistance group leader Dmytro Tymchuk reported this on his Facebook page.

    Дата публикации: 09.01.2015 21:06:10

    Moscow requested an explanation for the official position of Berlin regarding today's infamous remarks from Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseny

    Дата публикации: 26.12.2014 13:45:06

    Our country is to comprehensively promote the creation and implementation of new investment and joint projects.

    Дата публикации: 25.12.2014 18:21:55

    Illegal armed groups in eastern Ukraine continue their provocations against government troops as well as aerial reconnaissance near Mariupol, Donet

    Дата публикации: 25.12.2014 13:17:39

    The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, on Thursday approved a draft law that broadened the powers of the National Security and Defense Council,

    Дата публикации: 22.12.2014 14:53:40

    This was disclosed by ATO spokesman Andriy Lysenko at a briefing in Kyiv on December 22."No soldiers have been killed or injured as a result of arm

    Дата публикации: 16.12.2014 08:10:57

    UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic said this at a briefing in Kyiv on Monday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

    Дата публикации: 13.12.2014 13:38:26

    On the initiative of the people's Deputy, member of the group UDAR Yaroslav Dubnevych today, 11 December, registered the draft law of Ukraine "On a

    Дата публикации: 13.12.2014 11:53:17

    The duty of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region were reported capture terrorists in Donetsk premises of two banks - PJSC "Bank Cambi

    Дата публикации: 12.12.2014 07:34:25

    Hryvnia exchange rate at the informal cash currency market on Thursday reached 17,50-18,50 hryvnia per dollar, increasing the gap between exchange