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10 of The Best United States Universities by The Sea

    25 January 2021 Monday

    Every young person would like to study at the top-rated school in America and enjoy free time after a period of hard work on about 12,479 miles of the country's coastline.

    If you like water sports and beach parties, or if you want to relax without being distracted, either by reading books or focusing on school work, here are the top ten universities on the USA coastline that we have selected for you.

    1. University of San Francisco

    The University of San Francisco, a Catholic university, also called “The Hilltop University,” because it is built on Mount Lone. Just at about 3.5 miles away, you’d see yourself enjoying the cool breeze of the beach and the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. The proximity to the sea and the elevation offers an ample advantage to explore the natural endowment by taking part in outdoor activities like sailing, kayaking, and others.

    1. University of Miami 

    The city, Coral Gables, is based in Florida, which houses the Miami University that was established in 1925. The university campus “The City Beautiful” is close to the Sea. It has beautiful butterfly gardens and beaches. 


    1. University of Washington

    The prestigious UW is another seaside university campus in Seattle. Located around 1.3 km north of San Francisco. Asides academic activities (which can take you hours to complete, and this is why it is better to ask for assistance expert writers from https://edubirdie.com/, groupmates or create a query on forums to get the ideas and end the tasks faster), it also provides students and workers a pleasant environment for recreational activities with its beaches, lakes, and parks.  

    1. Columbia University

    Картинки по запросу Columbia University


    Founded in 1754, and currently, sit in the 22nd position of the QS world rankings. The University is located in the western part of Manhattan, New York. Typical courses at the University include Art & Humanities, Medicine, and Science. Enjoy your stay in parks and on the 14 miles beach.

    1. University of California, San Diego 

    San Diego, the “Finest City” is known for its beautiful beaches and unique climate. As a student at the University of California, you have the advantage to enjoy the beach that is at less than one mile away from the campus. 


    1. Yale University

    Картинки по запросу Yale University


    Yale University, located about 2.5 km from the Sea, is one of the places to enjoy life on the beach and other attractions. The 15th world best University is sited in New Haven, Connecticut.

    1. University of California, Los Angeles 

    Картинки по запросу university of california los angeles beach


    The University of California at Los Angeles is another maritime university. It is ranked 27th QS world university rankings and is recognized as the cultural center of the United States. Venice Beach is a great place to be near the campus.

    8. Texas A & M University, Galveston

    The Texas A & M University Galveston campus offers sea and marine subjects. One amazing attribute to note is that the school is located in the coastal area and enjoys beautiful views.

    9. University of California, Santa Barbara

    On the global ranking, University of California, Santa Barbara sits on the 132nd position. And the establishment is located at a distance that is less than 1 mile from the Sea. 

    10. Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi

    Texas A & M Corpus Christi is one of Texas’ multi-campus educational systems and the only University on the American island. It has more than 130,000 hectares of sandy beaches.


    In the United States, there are many institutions along the coast, which you can choose according to your preferences from the list above. These universities also offer different courses and programs. You will need to take a very close look at the admission guides of each to further aid your decision in selecting your preferred university. 


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