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5 must-dos for a powerful whiteboard video

    18 January 2021 Monday
    What is custom whiteboard animation and why we like it



    We all know that a picture paints a thousand words. In fact, every picture gains even more value if created right before your eyes. No wonder whiteboard videos have become so popular. Let’s face it: everybody loves them!


    What is custom whiteboard animation and why we like it


    Whiteboard explainer video is a short film in which an artist is drawing a story on a white surface, narrating developments of the depicted actions. Unraveling of the plot is usually fun and easy to follow, and there’re plenty of reasons why it’s cool.


    To begin with, we’re still children deep inside. Curious, playful and somewhat restless. Being exposed to loads of information, today we a) have to react quickly and b) don’t really like concentrating for too long. We want to grow and have fun synchronously, shifting from one piece of information to another. Whiteboard video empowers us to do so: we learn the ropes by watching an entertaining short film. It just doesn’t get any better than that!  


    A whiteboard video has already proven its usefulness in education, entertainment and business. Quick and lucid explanations of how something is done is a surefire way for engaging your audience and persuading them to stick around.


    While a whiteboard video creator takes on the role of mediator, educator, and entertainer, let’s check out a list of must-dos that will make any whiteboard video rock!  


    1.    Shape your message


    The genre of a whiteboard video is rather laconic and brief. Usually, a clip lasts for 30-90 seconds, and it might take time and skill to figure out what is really important, and what should be put aside for now.   


    2.    Be clear


    Definitely, visuals are uber-important for every whiteboard animation explainer video. However, precise wording is no less important. Your clip should be dynamic and captivating, so make sure there’s nothing confusing in it. Long sentences and verbosity can ruin your plan before you know it. In contrast, a good script is capable of improving your conversion by two-thirds! Entrust this part of your project to experienced scriptwriters and enjoy the results.


    3.    Dare to be creative


    Custom whiteboard animation has become a household name, and it’s mixed news. On the one hand, people are already familiar with the genre and give it a glad-hand. On the other, your audience is savvy and demanding. They expect to be surprised, and you need a foolproof way to get through this hard task. It’s experience and talent that will help you right here. Just about time to practice out-of-the-box thinking!


    4.     Add passion


    Whiteboard video services acquire individuality only when they venture to show their engagement, enthusiasm, and true emotion. That is something one cannot fake: you either have it, or you don’t. Something to read between the lines. Viewers will believe your story only when they see you believing and acting passionately.

    5.    Balance


    A balanced approach and well-planned structure of your whiteboard video will make it not only visually attractive but also influential and memorable. Allocate the time proportionally, mind the details and be sure to analyze the final product with a fresh pair of eyes.  

    Taking a whiteboard explainer video to a new level


    Topexplainers.com is a company that transformed a whiteboard explainer video into their true passion. While creating engaging visual content, they get deep into the topic to make sure the message conveyed finds its addressee asap. Go see for yourself and discover manifold business and educational opportunities. And what if you don’t like the video they make? Get a full refund! Enjoy the freedom of choice, quality videos, punctuality and reasonable prices while creating a whiteboard video that will forever change the way you explain things.

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