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Apocalypse : Riots in the US: curfew did not stop the looters

    07 February 2023 Tuesday
    Police start joining street protests in several US cities

    Pogroms were overtaken by expensive boutiques and even unremarkable supermarkets in dozens of US cities: in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other places. Participants in the rally take things out of stores and arrange a brawl under the slogan "Eat the rich" (Eng. "Eat the rich"), write the American media.
    According to eyewitnesses, looting is now not only those who really need money or are worried about the death of Floyd.


    Camden in New Jersey police chief Joseph Vysotsky also led the march and carried the “Together out of Solidarity” banner, while his colleague from Fargo joined the protesters with the banner “We are all one race. The human race. "


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