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Military vehicles rides by Militarytour.net are true adrenaline tours

    24 September 2020 Thursday
    Ukrainian service militarytour.net offers APC rides, airplane flights, and trips to Chernobyl

    Ukrainian service militarytour.net offers APC rides, airplane flights, and trips to Chernobyl.

    Need some things to do in your spare time? People often solve this issue using a computer or watching TV. More advanced folks know that it is necessary to get impressions. Nowadays, you can visit almost any country around the world, or get acquainted with the most extravagant cultures. However, some things attract people in a particular manner by bringing them the adrenaline. Military tour is just such a thing. They allow touching things inaccessible in daily life, taking up real weapons and controlling a real tank.

    Why is it worth to order a military tour by militarutour.net?

    • Here you can find experienced instructors with professional skills in handling firearms, driving military equipment, operating an airplane, and a hang glider. They will provide a detailed briefing and monitor your safety during the tour. The instructors are fluent in Russian / English.
    • The service collaborates with the governing bodies, so every tour is legal. Any tour is authorized and controlled.
    • Militarytour.net offers great prices for guests of Ukraine. Every tourist can get an unforgettable experience and participate in the real adventure.
    • The service has a large selection of tours. The list includes trips on a military cross-country vehicle, APC, tanks, flights by plane, or a hang glider. You can also book a trip to the nuclear missile base or an individual trip to Chernobyl.
    • The tours include a transfer from Kyiv to the training ground and back.
    • In order to book a tour, enter your contact information on militarytour.net, select a tour, and a date.

    Additional options

    The service offers several additional options that will enable your full immersion in the atmosphere of a true military campaign:

    • shooting with a AK-47 machine gun;
    • tactical field kitchen;
    • an option to control the vehicles yourself.


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