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Discover how the French think that Germany wants to "dominate" Europe

    27 сентября 2023 среда
    Аватар пользователя antuan.net roi
    La Tribune) Germany does it act in the interest of saving the euro area, or she prefers its own interests in order to become the dominant power in Europe? 6 of 10 French are prone to suspicion, according to a survey by German television ARD. Since the nineteenth century, the motivations of Germany on the European continent have always aroused suspicion in other countries, primarily France. And more than sixty years after the end of the Second World War, Germany is always mindful of the image it refers to the French. Evidenced by this survey, at the initiative of television across the Rhine ARD, revealed Wednesday. Verdict: six in ten French believe that Germany "is currently seeking to become the dominant power in Europe". To this question, 26% of respondents said they had "fully" that impression, while 35% reported "somewhat" that feeling, or 61% of affirmative rests. Only 31% felt that Germany had no ambition dominatrix. Skeptics of the French, but Merkel People Concerning the motivations of Germans to save the euro, the French are divided: 41% believe that Germany uses the euro crisis to strengthen its economy on the backs of other EU countries. And an almost equal number, 42% believed that Germany supports the crisis countries in the euro area to save the EU. Despite the skepticism of many French people on the motivations of Germans in the management of the euro crisis, Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, is popular in the Hexagon. Among those surveyed, 60% have a positive view of Merkel (7% a "good opinion" and 53% a "good opinion"), while French President Nicolas Sarkozy has only 36% of people with a favorable opinion on him. This survey was conducted between 21 and 22 February by pollsters Infratest Dimap German and French TNS Sofres in a representative sample of 1,000 French people aged over 18.