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Open letter of appeal to the leadership of the WCR

    20 августа 2022 суббота
    Аватар пользователя Нискореный русин

    Dear Chairman of the World Congress of Ruthenians Dura Papuga, a week had passed since the end of the
    11th WCR that took place near Budapest. So far the results of the forum were not officially published, in particular resolution of the 11th WCR. Instead of distinct, clear decisions and results of the congress, adopted by the delegates, are published rumours, speculations, and even frankly provocative material of foes of the Ruthenian movement and saboteurs of Ruthenian objectives throughout the world.
    We hope that regarding undeniable fact (vote on acception of the Ruthenian Diaspora in the Russian Federation to the WCR) leadership of the Congress will express their detailed position. It is hard to believe that nowadays could be practiced outright discrimination based on place of residence. For what reason Ruthenians, temporarily forced in the territory of Russia, found themselves in such disfavour?
    We believe that only timely, open, public information of what happened during the congress could put an end to rumours and growing speculations, compromising reputation of the Ruthenian movement as a whole.
    World Council of Subcarpathian Ruthenians: Chairman, V. Dzhugan
    European Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians: Co-chair, Fr. D. Sydor
    Government of Subcarpathian Ruthenia: Prime Minister, P. Getsko
    People's Parliament of Subcarpathian Ruthenia: Head, V. Mikulin