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How and who dispenses justice in Ukraine?

    20 липня 2024 субота
    Картинка користувача Vladlen Carrington.
    Ladies and gentlemen readers, today 01/17/2013, received another decree of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine under № 5-297 km 13 of 09.012013, signed O.M.Litvinova. After reading and studying, utterly legal analysis, this resolution, I can not control myself emotionally, not to share with you. The following information will lead to confusion not only legal, but also any person having no legal training, but the ability to think and analyze. In order to understand the meaning of the above, it would not hurt, superficially, look at my blogs and understand the situation that has developed between me and the Ukrainian authorities. Now let's look at the situation, together with the above regulation. 21.06.2012 year Kiev Regional Court of Appeal, on the basis of the judicial investigation, collectively, of three judges Ignatyuk OV Dymaretsky VM and Polosenka VS was proclaimed acquittal because the original criminal case was ukraden.Reshenie was taken: discontinue the criminal proceedings in the absence of evidence of participation Vladlen Karington the crime. In view of the fact that this panel of judges did not bother to identify the perpetrators, because of which, Vladlen Karington suffered not deserved the punishment, being brought to criminal responsibility and not taking measures to restore the rights Vladlen Karington and charging compensation, Vladlen, of necessity, has filed appeal to the Supreme Court of Ukraine dedicated to the illegality of the decision. According to the documents, the High Specialized Court of Ukraine has received an appeal Vladlen Karington 27/06/2012, the deadline without breaking, relevant, of the complaint. By order of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine of 05.07.2012 was signed by the judge ruled O.M.Litvinov Denied vindication of the criminal case on charges Vladlen Karington. Thus the judge rejected the appeal O.M.Litvinov Vladlen Karington filed on time, without consideration. The decision is final and not appealable. 14/11/2012, addressed to Vladlen Karington are notified № 5-297 km 13 to the High Specialized Court of Ukraine, signed by the judge OM Litvinov which Vladlen Karington is notified that a criminal case on appeal prosecutor Violin IM (who took part in the appeal hearing of the criminal case) will be heard in 10 hours 00 minutes 31 January 2013. In the same notification Vladlen Karington invited to submit an objection to the appeal of the prosecutor and file his appeal. Cassation complaint to the prosecutor allegedly succumbed 26.09.2012, № 09 / January 2632 O-12 that is, three months and seven days after the declaration of acquittal. It is clear that the prosecutor appeal, filed with the procedural delay in filing. Question: Where can appeal to the prosecutor was on 26.09.2012 14.11.20012 year? Why Vladlen Karington was not notified immediately upon receipt of the appeal to the Supreme Court of Ukraine specialized? And not falsified whether registration of the complaint in the High Specialized Court of Ukraine is not filed, the 09/26/2012? Attorney present at the proclamation acquittal was able to get the decision on the day of the proclamation and to invest in designated procedural law, deadline. Vladlen Karington got acquittal in the day, and the prosecutor, endowed with special powers, could not, in time to get the necessary documents. This makes it possible to ensure that the prosecutors in the face of the prosecutor Violin IM ignores the requirements of procedural due process of law and the terms of its appeal against the decision not touch. In addition to objections to the prosecutor's appeal, Vladlen Karington filed its appeal, as it was proposed in the notification dated 14.11.2012, and that, the Supreme Court of Ukraine has received specialized 24.12.2012 year. 09.01.2013 year ruled over № 5-297 km 13, the High Specialized Court of Ukraine signed the same judge O.M.Litvinovym, which decreed: Recognize appeal Karington Vladlen such, is not subject to review. Thus, Vladlena Karington appeals filed no procedural violations not subject to review, and appeals filed by the prosecutor in violation of procedural deadline for submission will be accepted for consideration. This fact shows the relationship between the body of criminal prosecution and the judiciary. Here's to you and not refutable corruption. Ukrainian Themis, represented O.M.Litvinova forgotten that before the law all are equal, and that all participants in the criminal proceedings have equal rights? Such methods, the Ukrainian judicial system, intentionally deprives defendants of the right to the protection of committing a crime against justice provided st.374 Criminal Code with abuse of power, which is a crime in the area of ​​performance and are subject to st.364 Criminal Code. And now, ladies and gentlemen readers, help me decide: Such are the judge as the OM Litvinov, which category of people are? By mindless schizophrenics, Downey, mental retardation, or idiots obezbashennym, frostbitten bandits? This is the only class of people can afford to ignore the laws and then they have prisons and mental hospitals. If the judge OM Litvinov is related to one of these categories, his place in prison or a mental hospital - but in any case not in court, especially in the Supreme Court of Ukraine specialist. Analyze the situation, and you will understand who and how dispenses justice in Ukraine. People! Do you believe that with these "judges" can be carried out judicial reform in Ukraine? Criminal and moral consciousness of Ukrainian judicial system can break, no jail, no reform, but only in the furnace of a steam locomotive.What compels a Ukrainian judges deliberately, consciously go to commit crimes?First: The belief in impunity. Secondly, the duty of concealment of crimes of their colleagues and the authorities, which is required by code of criminal association. As the reader knows, this publication is based on the facts backed up by documents. And this demented, the Ukrainian government, for its criminal law enforcement and judicial systems strive to Europe? And this nechest needs Europe? Shall not the Council of Europe does not understand the consequences? Foreigners do not be afraid to put their investment in the state, where such law enforcement and the judicial system? I do not think tourism - foreigners are afraid to get into these situations without being able to bring their own, independent lawyer since the new Code of Criminal Procedure flatly denies access to criminal proceedings lawyers who do not have a certificate for the right to practice law, which is given only to the citizens of Ukraine. Before you can help the European Court of Human Rights, you take away part of the Ukrainian system of living, health, you leave in Ukraine a lot of money spent on ineffective protection of Ukrainian lawyers. And most importantly - you will not find those responsible, no one will punish as well as would be found. Thank you - sincerely to you Vladlen Carrington