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2017-01-16 18:06

Today our nation pauses to honor a legend, an icon, and an American hero. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lifted up the conscience of our nation -- a towering leader in his day, and a lasting inspiration for all generations to follow.

2017-01-11 19:40

Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton.
Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country.

2016-12-27 15:44

Cold, injured and stranded on a train track for two days, this terrified dog faced certain death.
But thanks to her loving companion who faithfully protected her until help arrived, Lucy survived the horrifying ordeal.
She was too injured to move from the tracks in Ukraine but her male friend Panda kept her alive by curling up next to her and pushing her head down when trains zoomed over.

2016-11-10 13:31

The victory of Donald J. Trump declared early on Wednesday was an unexpected bonus for the Kremlin, which had used the long, tortured United States election campaign to prove the global reach of its disruptive disinformation operations and to cast doubt on the entire Western democratic process.

2016-09-13 08:49

Column: Politics Region: Eastern Asia Country: China When US President Barack Obama attempted to leave Air Force One upon arriving at Hangzhou, China, just southwest of Shanghai, he found that no staircase or red carpet awaited him. Instead, he and his staff were forced to use an alternative exit from the aircraft, only to find additional restrictions placed upon them on the tarmac.

2016-06-28 22:18

Small Ukrainian city attracts tourists with unforgettable activities, tastes and impressions

2016-06-05 17:01

I'd like to extend a personal "thank you" to the Ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine who, despite the weekend, quickly provided help.
Next week, we will hold additional consultations with the Turkish side in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

2016-05-24 18:38

Following the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine has taken big political and economic steps forward. Today, we need to assess what has been accomplished and what Ukraine should achieve in the next fifteen years. The nation needs to set ambitious goals, aiming for an average economic growth rate of 6-7 percent a year. That kind of growth is possible because Ukraine is lagging so far behind neighboring European countries.

2016-05-16 19:27

MUKACHEVO, Ukraine — Before gliding along trails or sliding down slopes, many of the world’s skis start at this bustling, sprawling factory in western Ukraine.

2016-03-29 19:30
A billionaire Ukrainian living in Austria has told Bloomberg he wants to end his self-imposed exile and return to his own country. Dmitry Firtash, who made his fortune as a middleman for Russian gas exports, was released from Austrian custody in March 2014 after paying a 125 million-euro bond ($140 million), the highest ever in the Alpine republic’s history, after an Austrian court rejected a U.S. request to extradite him.
2016-03-21 08:54

Kosice sits at the foot of light hilly terrain to the north and with fine vineyard culture towards the southern lowlands, in eastern Slovakia.

2016-02-26 15:17

Travelling from Lviv to Budapest with Ukraine Railways is a real pleasure. The international train and carriage itself carries a fine sense of romance and intrigue from a bygone era with its graceful, old-fashioned décor and charm. This daytime venture takes you through two contrasting lands – the spectacular Carpathians hills and valleys of Ukraine and the majestic Puszta flatlands of Hungary – before arriving at Budapest approximately 14 hours later. It is worth noting that in either direction the service no longer operates overnight, unless one travels to or from Kyiv.

2016-02-13 12:54

A great deal has been achieved in the two years since the Euromaidan uprising — now known as the Revolution of Dignity — overthrew the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych. In its wake, voters chose a parliament and a president who were publicly committed to democracy, the rule of law, and the fight against corruption. Civil society, once subdued, has become a vocal and active player in everyday life. Our military managed to stave off defeat and hold its own against the Russian-sponsored separatist revolt in the East.

2016-01-30 16:28

Through a needle’s eye for art at Microscopic Museum

Szentendre’s Mikró Csodák/Microscopic Museum is a wondrous place: as one may rightfully ask, how is it possible to create such tiny, exquisite things?

2016-01-22 14:44
Here is a light, cheerful Breakfast TV interview, in Uzhgorod
2016-01-22 06:01

Infrastructure projects are always expensive and never quick. But when a country makes these sorts of investments, it sends a clear signal to its foreign partners: "We are serious. We are responsible. We are promising. We understand the needs of businesses and are ready to meet those needs."

2016-01-09 14:11
Slemence/ Szelmenc divided village by Alex Stemp
2016-01-08 22:03
This is a light, tourist film about the River Duna, and my favourite places along the way to Slovakia.
2016-01-07 22:17
"Carol of the Bells" (also known as the "Ukrainian Bell Carol") is a choral miniature work originally composed by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych.
2015-12-23 21:17

Ukrainian agony - The concealed war (Official full English version by Mark Bartalmai) now free to watch
Since mid-July 2014, our war correspondent team is still on site in the southeast of Ukraine – in the Donbass. We shot countless videos and scored over a thousand photos.