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2005-01-07 14:30

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - It's been the deadliest day in Iraq since a suicide bombing attack last month.

2005-01-07 14:18

Congress on Thursday certified President Bush as the winner of the November election, despite efforts by a handful of Democrats to stall the process by protesting alleged electronic voting irregularities in Ohio.

2005-01-05 07:28

Turkmenistan and Ukraine agreed on a new contract for natural gas supplies on Jan. 2, just days after Turkmenistan cut off all gas to the country in a dispute that had threatened Ukraine's economy.

2005-01-05 07:06

Serious questions must be asked about US influence in Ukraine.
The core of democracy is tolerance of other people's views. Whether it is Rosa Luxemburg's call for respecting the "freedom of people who think differently" or Winston Churchill's pride in British parliamentary debate, left and right agree on this principle.

2004-12-31 10:02

BAGHDAD (AFP) - More than a dozen Iraqis were killed in attacks across the country as plans were unveiled to deploy 100,000 Iraqi forces to stave off a bloodbath on election day exactly a month from now.

2004-12-30 10:47

Boisterous supporters of President-elect Viktor Yushchenko blockaded the government headquarters on Wednesday, preventing the prime minister from convening a Cabinet session.

2004-12-30 09:10

The Central Electoral Commission has processed 100% of protocols: Victor Yushchenko has received 51.99% of votes, Victor Yanukovych – 44.19%.
2.34% of electors voted against both candidates.
On the whole, 29 million 068 thousand 314 people cast their ballots in the repeat second round of the Ukrainian presidential election.
15 million 115 thousand 452 people voted for Victor Yushchenko, 12 million 848 thousand 087 voted for Victor Yanukovych.

2004-12-28 11:36

The percent of protocols in Ukraine that have been processed 99.89%.

The number of voters who participated in voting 29 034 298.

The percent of voters of the voters who voted against all 2.34.

2004-12-28 10:31

Nick Paton Walsh in Kiev
Monday December 27, 2004
The Guardian

2004-12-28 02:11

It was declared by Roman Shnitser, the head of the health protection and environment department of Regional State Administration to representatives of regional mass-media on Tuesday's briefing. Roman Ivanovich together with his assistances - Vladimir Brichem and Tatyana Mitsjo - gave reason for such conclusion in accordance with demographic situation which has been explored by experts of this department during last 10 years.

2004-10-04 01:10

If Ukraine is persuaded and become a member of NATO, our country may become a hostage of the American geopolitical game.

2004-09-25 07:54

On September, 23-24 2004 the IIIth International fair- exhibition "Toureurocenter-Transcarpathia 2004" took place in the city of Uzhgorod.

2003-12-28 00:11
2003-10-17 07:33

It is proved by the results of three days long visit of the official delegation of Uzhhorod to the capital of Russian Federation.