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The Narcissus Valley will not please in the near future

    27 January 2021 Wednesday

    Tourists are waiting for the blooming of the famous Narcissus Valley in the Kireshi tract near Khust.

    As the chief of the CBR environmental research department "Narcissus Valley" Oleksandr Navrotsky told the Uzhgorod.in during a telephone conversation, the valley is not blooming now and not going to in the nearest future. "It will start blooming, probably, not before around May 10. It's cold here - Mr. Navrotsky says. I do not rule out that the narcissus can please us in early May. But mass blooming in the Valley should be expected in the middle of the next month."

    But if you have already planned a trip on this or the next weekend, there are another 21 plant species and 15 animal species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine in the protected area. There is also the ecological and educational center "Museum of the Narcissus", where they will tell you about the flora and fauna of the Valley and the history of the reserve, about the people who have contributed to its preservation, as well as all the features of the biology and ecology of the narcissus.

    By the way, the fee for a walking tour in the Narcissus Valley in bloom (with a visit to the ecological and education center) is 20 UAH for adults, 15 UAH - for students and 10 UAH - for schoolchildrens.

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