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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

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    19 July 2024 Friday
    Дата публикации: 20.11.2023 14:24:16

    Ukraine is facing continual eastern assaults from Russian forces at a bloody cost for both sides, even as the lines on the map barely move.

    Дата публикации: 09.11.2023 14:27:43

    The nation's watchmakers have consistently set the gold standard, with Swiss timepieces evolving into emblems of luxury and status.

    Дата публикации: 30.10.2023 18:45:37

    In the candle-making industry, choices of wax profoundly impact product quality. Among these, soy wax stands out, earning accolades for its sustainable properties and premium burn experience.

    Дата публикации: 31.08.2023 11:44:52

    In the ever-evolving landscape of online gambling, the emergence of Live Casino on mobile devices has ignited a revolutionary shift, transcending the boundaries of traditional gaming.

    Дата публикации: 31.07.2023 20:11:56

    Ballroom dancing has won the hearts of thousands of dancers. It has special atmosphere, special music and special movements.

    Дата публикации: 04.07.2023 16:23:27

    The minefields in southern Ukraine are so dense, the troops trying to liberate the area can only advance “tree by tree,” one soldier involved in Kyiv’s counteroffensive in the south told CNN.

    Дата публикации: 19.06.2023 14:20:39

    Connecting your Epson printer to a wireless network can be an intimidating task. However, the process is simpler than you think! With just a few steps, you can easily set up your printer and start printing documents from any device connected to the same wifi network.

    Дата публикации: 14.06.2023 11:14:00


    Дата публикации: 11.01.2023 10:34:31

    We compiled a list of all CFTC-registered US forex brokers and ranked them according to their overall ranking in order to identify the top forex brokers in the USA.

    Дата публикации: 03.03.2022 09:35:21

    9:00 on March, 3, 2022

    Дата публикации: 18.01.2022 19:11:15

    People who have never had a conscious dream before may have difficulty grasping its concept because many books and movies twist the truth to make their plots more dramatic.

    Дата публикации: 25.12.2021 21:07:57

    Pope Francis also noticed metastases of malignant conflict in Ukraine

    Дата публикации: 29.11.2021 12:30:25

    Ukrainians are free to join startup programmes and participate in research to experience the new opportunities of medicine.

    Дата публикации: 29.10.2021 10:03:02

    Dmytro Shymkiv, the chairman of the Darnitsa Groups Board of Directors, is convinced that having a thriving pharmaceutical industry strengthens the country economically- and security-wise.

    Дата публикации: 17.10.2021 09:20:02

    Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine's president, pops out of the mythical Pandora's Box

    Дата публикации: 01.10.2021 10:23:06

    The pharmaceutical company Darnitsa presented a series of drugs to control pain and inflammation in adults and children.

    Дата публикации: 16.09.2021 11:34:22

    For young and old Lemko-Rusyns alike, the word Thalerhof still provokes a bitter feeling of resentment.

    Дата публикации: 17.05.2021 10:45:32

    There is a global need for a vaccine in the current world situation related to the coronavirus pandemic. The message of Dmytro Shymkiv, the head of the Board of Directors of Darnytsia Group, is about the prospects for open access to vaccines against Covid-19.

    Дата публикации: 16.05.2021 15:49:27

    Here’s what we learned from extensive war-gaming on the Ukraine-Russia conflict

    Дата публикации: 21.03.2021 22:01:40

    ​Europe's top drug regulator endorsed AstraZeneca's vaccine after it was suspended in several countries over blood-clot concerns. WSJ explains what's at stake for a shot that's been widely used around the world and may soon be considered for emergency use in the U.S.

    Дата публикации: 13.03.2021 20:24:45

    Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is as reliable and effective as a Kalashnikov rifle, according to one infectious disease specialist in Austria

    Дата публикации: 05.03.2021 13:33:13

    Anatoli Schari, Journalist und populärer Video-Blogger, hält der ukrainischen Regierung den Spiegel vor, weshalb diese ihn aus dem spanischen Exil nach Kiew holen und vor Gericht stellen will. Rechtsradikale helfen

    Дата публикации: 28.11.2020 10:42:32

    The Carpathians are facing many and varied threats. Ukraine has seen several devastating floods over the last years.

    Дата публикации: 30.09.2020 15:39:47

    Hello dear Mr. Donald Trump. I live in Ukraine and I want to ask a question about Ukraine?

    Дата публикации: 26.07.2020 14:06:39

    After the statement of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on support of Azerbaijan's actions against Armenia, the arson of Armenian cafes in Kiev, the

    Дата публикации: 09.07.2020 15:08:56

    Ukraine’s economy will be shown to have fallen 10% in the second quarter year-on-year due to restrictions to tame the coronavirus outbreak, and it

    Дата публикации: 08.07.2020 14:36:26

    Poor Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Дата публикации: 06.07.2020 14:40:39

    Svarog West Group of ex-people's deputies Alexander and Sergey Buryak together with “Epicenter K” do their best not to repay multimillion-dollar debts

    Дата публикации: 04.07.2020 17:57:14

    Donald Trump congratulated the Americans on Independence Day in an original way - practically by carrying out a PROVOCATION against Chaos ideologis

    Дата публикации: 19.06.2020 13:36:38

    The Russian president offers a comprehensive assessment of the legacy of World War II, arguing that "Today, European politicians, and Polish leader