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Putin meets Ukraine PM

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    Ukraine Prime Minister Yuiry Yekhanurov today said Moscow and Kiev must concentrate on improving ties after a period of unusually low relations between the traditional allies.He also assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia was his country's main partner.

    Yekhanurov met Putin today, saying that Kiev considered its relations with Moscow a priority.

    This was Yekhanurov's first trip abroad after being confirmed in the new position of Prime Minister last week.

    Putin offered his support to Yekhanurov, who has the difficult task of bolstering Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko's falling popularity ahead of key spring parliamentary elections.

    Putin had previously agreed with Yushchenko to open a joint entry point at the borders of their countries.

    Putin said that it was an important move for now, but that it can also be considered an important step towards future economic relationships.

    Yekhanurov told Putin that a meeting on privatisation will be held soon.

    Russia continues to wield significant influence in the ex-Soviet republic.

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