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Why We Should Embrace Mistakes at School

    21 June 2024 Friday
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    Mistakes accompany us throughout life. The older we become, the more valuable they become. However, the first conscious mistakes happen at school. The bottom line is how to deal with them.

    Many parents help their children prepare lessons, explain to them the training material, seek help from https://samedaypapers.com, correct their works. In cases when children have difficulties with studying, when they need additional classes, or a second explanation of the material, experts advise resorting to the help of a tutor or a psychologist.

    The fear of error is attributed to social fears. The main point is that the aspirations of a child in every possible way corresponds to social norms and requirements of behavior. In modern society, education and high marks in school have great importance, which means that distinctly different ranking exist for students with high academic achievements and school slackers.


    How Does the Fear of Failure Arise?

    The fear of making a mistake, like many other fears and complexes, is formed at an early age. If the parents:

    • Often criticize the work, be it a school assignment or an errand done wrong.

    • Severely punish for misbehavior.

    • Categorically do not encourage initiative and demand permission asked before the child starts doing what he or she has planned.

    In untreated cases, such parental behavior can lead to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

    The next stage is at school where the fear of mistakes is fastened.  The system of school grades is constructed in such a way that the student does not recognize their right to make a mistake. A student does the assignment and receives a material confirmation of the correctness/incorrectness of the actions in the form of an evaluation.

    A grade is only a conditional marker, which indicates the degree of mastering a particular block of the curriculum. With the help of teachers and parents, a good assessment becomes an end in itself for the student. He or she begins to panic and becomes afraid of failing to meet expectations. Such enforced training of fear occurs throughout all school years.

    It often happens that the school’s "excellent students" are more afraid of failure than their less motivated, success-driven peers. In fact, students with average and even low achievements in school can become more successful people later in life. They have learned from childhood that failures and mistakes are good and normal. These free thinkers just did what they really wanted, choosing not to participate in the universal rat race of school perfectionists.


    Why Do We Need Mistakes?


    Studies, interviews, and biographies of people who were successful in life are always full of mistakes, sometimes very large ones. These people are not ashamed of their mistakes. They are often glad for having done them and admit that they have achieved success only through mistakes.

    The situation is that you failed. The matter is already done. The only thing that remains is to admit that you made a mistake. Understand that everyone makes mistakes, and this is normal. Praise yourself for trying, and remember that success awaits you ahead. Move on. By repeatedly dwelling on failure, you let it pull you back.

    Any education article will tell you how to achieve success and overcome difficulties at school. However, you do not have any empirical experience, which means that these are all just words until you try it yourself.

    Often parents, wishing to instill independence, tell the child: "Solve your own problems" or "Learn to cope with it by yourself." For those children for whom any perceived obstacle is a challenge, these phrases can serve as an impetus for solving a difficult task. The support and example of parents are important for them.


    A Mistake Is an Important Lesson



    Regardless of the age of the child, parents are the standard of behavior. Here are some recommendations for parents:

    • Start with yourself. You are a good parent, and you have a perfect child. If there are shortcomings, then this happens for objective reasons.

    • It is necessary to learn how to artificially create situations in which you are imperfect, and demonstrate them to the child. Having seen the mistakes of the parents, he will give himself a right to make them.

    • Learn how to properly respond to the mistakes of children. It is more effective to use a positive attitude: "Everything is fine," "Then you'll do it right."

    • Teach the child to look for the cause of the failure.

    • Ask a child to analyze the cause of errors, formulate the experience that she got thanks to them.

    The most important thing is to raise the value of mistakes in the eyes of children and their impact as teachable moments. Any fiasco should be worked through, and let experience induce a person to self-change. It's great when you know how to learn from mistakes!

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