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299 die of flu since start of flu and ARVD epidemic in Ukraine, 17 of them during last day

    21 January 2021 Thursday

    This was disclosed by the press service of the Health Ministry of Ukraine. The total number of flu sick exceeded one million 364 thousand people.
    In all since the the epidemic outbreak over 75 thousand persons have been hospitalized, 40 thousand patients have already been released from the hospitals.

    Ukrainian doctors call on politicians to stop commenting on flu
    The Ukrainian Medical Association has called on politicians to stop making unprofessional comments on the epidemic of flu and acute respiratory viral infections, the association said in a statement.

    "Dear politicians, do your own business! Remember that your amateurish statements can destroy many human lives! It's immoral to use the subject of public health for the sake of your own smear campaign," reads the statement. The association said that unprofessional actions only worsen the situation, create a rush and cause panic among people. The Ukrainian Medical Association includes around 20,000 doctors.

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