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65 cases of Califaornian flu confirmed In Ukraine

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    This was aired by First Deputy Health Minister Vasyl Lazoryshynets. According to him, this virus caused the death of 14 people. By November 8, the Health Ministry of Ukraine confirmed 155 lethal cases caused by flu and ARVIs.

    In the past two days, the number of flue cases has essentially reduced. But the epidemic flu situation remains in 17 regions of Ukraine.

    Ukraine receives humanitarian aid from 16 foreign countries for over USD 1.5 million
    This was dislosed by the Ukrainian foreign ministry's headquarters for prevention of the epidemic spread. Because of the current flu epidemic, Ukraine has received and continues receiving humanitarian aid.

    Particularly, Austria, Georgia, Israel, Estonia, China, Lebanon, Lithuania. Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Poland and Hungary provided assistance at the state and governmental level, when Slovakia, the United States and Croatia at the departmental level. Beside that, the MFA says, appropriate government decisions are expected from Bulgaria and Latvia soon.

    World Health Organization does not rule out another wave of pandemic influenza in Ukraine
    The WHO recommends, since there is not enough the anti-flu vaccine go around, vaccinating with particular risk groups. This was voicedc by the Head of the WHO Country Office, Jukka Pukkila.

    A WHO mission has not yet final data, however, based on the experience of other states that had already experienced the H1N1 flu epidemic, as well as tentative data of the mission work, the WHO experts admit that the matter concerns an outbreak of a new virus of the H1N1 influenza. Pukkila also backed Ukraine's Premier statement about the necessity of vaccination and underlined that the WHO recommends further vaccination against seasonal flu and start vaccinating against pandemic flu as soon as a relevant vaccine comes to Ukraine.

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