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729 persons arrived from the Crimea to Transcarpathia

    16 January 2021 Saturday

    As to July 16, 729 citizens are registered on the territory of Transcarpathian oblast, out of them 517 arrived from the eastern oblasts and 212 from the Crimea. All citizens applying to the oblast headquarter are provided with temporary housing.

    In order to solve problems of social provision of displaced persons, Decree was issued by the head of Transcarpathian OSA “About organization of social provision on the territory of the oblast to the citizens of Ukraine displaced from temporarily occupied territory and regions of anti-terroristic operation.”
    Program “Care” was adopted by the order of Transcarpathian Oblast Council, the action of which was spread on the citizens of Ukraine moving from the eastern oblasts. In general, 1.8 million UAH was allotted. The heads of Regional State Administrations and Municipal Executive Committees were proposed to speed up the application of funds for operative settling of the citizens arriving from temporarily occupied territories and regions of anti-terroristic operation realization. At the moment, financing of these activities is conducted, the gradual application goes on.

    Minimal need in funds necessary for temporary housing of families of the citizens of Ukraine moving from temporarily occupied territories and regions of anti-terroristic operation realization to sanatorium and spa establishments, facilities and institutions of social protection comprise 3 million 386 thousand UAH.

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