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Accommodation for Euro 2012 - big ukrainian problem.

    23 January 2021 Saturday

    Euro-helper Portal has been created for more comfortable stay of the foreign guests in Ukraine, during the period of European Football Championship in Euro 2012. Where each interested person, can find and book a comfortable private accommodation and a car, in the host cities of Ukraine (such as Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk). As well as to follow news about the events, that accompany the Euro 2012.
    To begin to work with the Euro-helper portal it’s enough to be registered. After this registration, you can read the suggestions, posted on this site.
    In a database provided with apartments and cars with a detailed description of their characteristics, with photos of the interior. In addition, the chosen by visitor page of accommodation shows its location, the cost per day and contact of the owners. Whole interface is multilingual, and will be understood by the European citizens. To see the information in their native language, just enough to click on a national flag of the country.

    Euro-helper Portal is one of the few in the Ukraine, which uses QR-Codes for the convenient, easy access to the chosen interesting objects, which, in its turn, allows quickly share information between friends and other users. In addition, the portal also can boast of a unique souvenir, a gift to Euro 2012. Now you can please yourself and your family an amazing gift – a certificate of the participation of Euro 2012.

    Euro-helper Portal and staff strive to create all conditions for warm reception of guests from different countries, by providing a wide choice of apartments and cars. As well as operational support of the booking these objects.

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