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Cash currencies

    21 January 2021 Thursday

    The average purchase rate of cash dollar in the Ukrainian banks on Thursday, compared with Wednesday, increased by 0.46 kopecks to reach to 7.8791 USD, while the sale rate grew by 0.45 kopeks to 7.9254 UAH.

    The average purchase rate of the euro fell down by 3.17 kopeks to 10.5217 UAH, and the sale rate declined by 2.96 kopeks to 10.6625 UAH. The average purchase rate of 10 RUB on Thursday rose by 2.7 kopecks to 2.661 UAH for 10 Russian rubles, while the sales rate has not changed and is 2.725 UAH. The National Bank of Ukraine has set the official exchange rates of the hryvnia to foreign currencies for April 22, 2010 at: 100USD - 792.6000 UAH (+); 100EUR - 1059.9440 UAH (-); 10RUB - 2.7246 UAH (+).

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