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Contract murder committed in Uzhgorod on February 5

    20 January 2021 Wednesday

    Transcarpathia. According to the information source, who told UA-Reporter.com in Uzhgorod city police department, cruel murder happened today about 7 p.m. at 8th Marta Str. near the women's consultation clinic. A businessman was killed by several shots at face.

    According to the source and reports to UA-Reporter correspondent from neighbours, the following picture of the murder could be imagined:

    Around 7 p.m. silver metallic "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" drove up to the house at 8th Marta Str., near the women's consultation clinic. The car had temporal red numbers AA 0899 that probably means the car is a new one. A man from the side of a driver came out, he took some things and went into the house. According to the neighbors, he was the owner of the car, doing the business and owning a cafe or restaurant in the regional center of Zakarpattya. A passenger, who went with him, stayed in the car.

    During the time when the owner of the car was absent, a man came to Land Cruiser, opened the door and fired several shots at face of the passenger. According to preliminary information, one shot was at hear, another – at head. Probably it was the trial shot. The window from the driver's side was also shot and broken.

    At the place of the crime, just in the car under the feet of the killed man, the gloves and gun of foreign production were found. The shells were found near the car. The brand of the gun was not told to our correspondent. According to the sources in city department and prosecutor's office, it was a contract murder.

    The killed man came from Donetsk, a resident of Uzhgorod, who was considered to be a businessman and owner of filling station at Parizhskaya Kommuna Str. in Uzhgorod.

    It is also known that "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" has been taken to the city police department.

    See further details on UA-Reporter.com

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