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Eastern Europe DDoS: UA-Reporter (Ukraine), and wm63.ru (Russia)

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    The Ukrainian newspaper site UA-Reporter has come under a sustained DDoS attack, starting March 19 and continuing through now. At least two different C&Cs are involved, both located in the Ukraine themselves. The English-language portion of the site is much less complete than the Ukrainian-language portion, so it’s hard to tell what stories or reporting may lead the site to be a DDoS target.

    Similarily, the Russian website wm63.ru has come under long-lived DDoS, this one starting on March 8 and continuing through the present. wm63.ru is a “web money” site, offering services related to E-Gold, RuPay, MoneyMail and others. These kinds of sites and services are popular with online criminals for money laundering or just payment for services rendered (such as spyware installations).

    In both cases the C&Cs have been identified, the big question now is who is behind the attacks and why.

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