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EURO-2008 Netherlands 1:3 Russia

    23 January 2021 Saturday

    Russia's Andrei Arshavin was the architect as they dumped Netherlands out of Euro 2008 after extra time.

    NETHERLANDS - RUSSIA 1:3!!!!!!!!!!!

    EURO-2008 Netherlands 1:3 Russia
    EURO-2008 Netherlands 1:3 Russia

    Russia took the lead in normal time when Roman Pavlyuchenko volleyed home, only for Ruud van Nistelrooy to head in an 86th-minute leveller for the Dutch.

    But the brilliant Arshavin tormented Netherlands throughout and he crossed for Dmitri Torbinski to prod home.

    Arshavin then sealed a semi-final spot in the 116th minute as he ran through and fired low past Edwin van der Sar.

    Russia almost had to play with 10 men in extra time after Denis Kolodin was sent off by Lubos Michel in stoppage time, only for the referee to reverse his decision after a chat with one of his assistants.

    It was the first European Championship quarter-final that did not have to be decided by penalties after going into extra time and was just reward for another spellbinding performance from the young Russians and their destroyer-in-chief Arshavin.

    The 27-year-old, who missed Russia's first two Euro 2008 games through suspension, was in electric form and as Netherlands tired in the extra period, they could not get near him.

    It was a triumph too for Russia's Dutch coach Guus Hiddink and his side will now meet either Spain or Italy in Vienna on Thursday in the semi-finals.

    From the start Russia settled better than their more-fancied opponents as the Dutch struggled to match the fluidity of their earlier Euro 2008 performances.

    Hiddink's men found joy down the flanks, exposing full-backs Gio van Bronckhorst and Khalid Boulahrouz, with one fine cross headed over from eight yards by Pavlyuchenko.

    After Van Nistelrooy somehow missed the ball completely three yards out from a free-kick, Russia really began to assert their authority.

    The untouchable Arshavin danced past Andre Ooijer inside the Dutch box and curled a right-foot shot goalwards that Van der Sar had to tip away for a corner.

    Twice in two minutes, Denis Kolodin hit right-foot piledrivers from 35 yards, the first forcing Van der Sar to tip over and the second flying inches over the bar.

    Dutch coach Marco van Basten withdrew the ineffective Dirk Kuyt at the break for Robin van Persie to bolster their attacking threat and almost immediately he screwed a volley wide, before Russia took the lead.

    Arshavin cleverly played in Sergei Semak down the left and his cross was expertly dispatched into the net by Pavlyuchenko.

    It was the first time the Netherlands had been behind at Euro 2008 and as they began to pour forward in greater numbers, the Russians - matching the counter-attacking brilliance of their opponents from earlier in the tournament - began to pick them off.

    A glorious move led to right-back Alexander Anyukov forcing Van der Sar to parry his shot and then Arshavin scampered away down the left and sent in a devilish cross that just evaded Ivan Saenko.

    The Netherlands were pressing but were frustrated by a lack of quality, until with four minutes left they somehow hauled themselves level, Van Nistelrooy netting a poacher's classic by heading in Wesley Sneijder's free-kick.

    As the clock ticked into injury time, Russia defender Kolodin was given an almighty repreive by referee Michel.

    Booked for the second time and then sent off for a foul on Sneijder, one of Michel's assistants told him - perhaps wrongly - the Real Madrid midfielder had not kept the ball in play, so Kolodin was allowed to stay on the pitch.

    If Russia were distraught at Van Nistelrooy's late intervention they did not show it as they proceeded to dictate play in extra time.

    Pavlyuchenko cannoned a shot against the crossbar and Arshavin weaved his magic way around two more tackles only for substitute Torbinski to shoot at Van der Sar.

    They were denied a clear penalty when Yuri Zhirkov was fouled in the box by Johnny Heitinga but soon after Arshavin danced down the left, flighted a tantalising cross over Van der Sar and watched as Torbinski poked in.

    Arshavin got the goal his sumptuous display deserved when he wrapped it up four minutes from time, latching on to a throw-in and firing past Van der Sar.


    Holland: Van der Sar, Boulahrouz (Heitinga 54), Ooijer, Mathijsen, Van Bronckhorst, De Jong, Engelaar (Afellay 61), Kuyt (Van Persie 46), Van der Vaart, Sneijder, van Nistelrooy.

    Subs Not Used: Timmer, Stekelenburg, De Zeeuw, Robben, Melchiot, Bouma, De Cler, Huntelaar, Vennegoor of Hesselink.

    Booked: Boulahrouz, Van Persie, Van der Vaart.

    Goals: Van Nistelrooy 86.

    Russia: Akinfeev, Aniukov, Ignashevich, Kolodin, Zhirkov, Semak, Zyryanov, Semshov (Bilyaletdinov 69), Saenko (Torbinsky 81), Arshavin, Pavluchenko (Sychev 115).

    Subs Not Used: Gabulov, Malafeev, Vasili Berezutsky, Yanbaev, Alexei Berezutsky, Adamov, Ivanov, Shirokov, Bystrov.

    Booked: Kolodin, Zhirkov, Torbinsky.

    Goals: Pavluchenko 56, Torbinsky 112, Arshavin 116.

    Att: 42,500.

    Ref: Lubos Michel (Slovakia).


    120'Torbinski fires from free kick off target.

    120'2 minutes left!

    120'Van der Vaart misses from free kick!

    119'Zyryanov commits a foul on van Persie in 30 meters from goal.

    118'All is ended for Holland! Russia!

    117'Akinfeev saves after far cross.


    1:3! Arshavin!

    Arshavin raids and score shooting between van der Sar legs!

    115'Sychev misses from the right of box.

    114'Russia make a substitution: Sychev comes on for Pavlyuchenko.


    1:2! Torbinski!

    Torbinski score on far post after Arshavin raid!

    110'Yellow card for Torbinski after foul on van der Vaart.

    109'Wonderful attack and no last correct pass!!! Super chance for Russia!

    108'Torbinski can't reach the ball in the box after Pavlyuchenko pass.

    107'No penalty after Zhirkov falls! Why?

    106'The second extra half begins!

    -The first extra half ends!


    105'Sneijder is in offside.

    104'Van Nistelrooy is caught offside near Russian box.

    103'Zhirkov is booked for rough play against van Persie.

    101'Kolodin misses a far goal corner in halfmeter shooting from far distance!

    100'Arshavin gets through 2 defenders and Torbinski hits the keeper from 7 meters!!!

    99'Afellay fires from 25 meters, the ball gets off target.

    98'Pavlyuchenko hits the crossbar!!!

    97'Arshavin gets through defence and missed the goal from box line!

    96'Van Persie shoots from outside the box to right corner. Keeper savws.

    95'Cross from the right channel. Corner to Russia.

    94'Van Nistelrooy fires from medium distance. Not dangerous.

    93'Arshavin shoots from left part of penalty area into van der Sar!

    92'Sneijder makes raid and hits to Akinfeev hands.

    91'Overtime starts!

    -We wait overtime!

    -90 minutes past!


    90'Michel backs Kolodin! 11 Russians on the field!!!

    90'Yellow and right cards for Kolodin.

    90'2 minutes left in this time.

    89'Van Bronckhorst commits a rough foul but no booking for this.

    88'Russians attack but opponents are safe.


    1:1. Van Nistelrooy.

    Van Nistelrooy ends a cross from the left.

    86'Two corners, Sneijder shots! Blocked!

    86'Sneijder wins a corner after far kick.

    85'About 8 minutes left! Oranje attack.

    84'How? How Russians missed? Can't understand!

    83'Sneijder continues shooting wide!

    82'Russia make a substitution: Torbinski comes on for Saenko.

    81'Dangerous! Sneijder fires from far distance up to crossbar!

    80'Semak hits the crossbar from barrow angle.

    79'Saenko wins corner at the right.

    78'Van der Sar saves after Pavlyuchenko's attack!

    77'Dangerous shot from van der Vaart but keeper saves!

    76'Sneijder shoots wide from 25 meters. 15 minutes left!

    75'Van der Sar sends a ball in out after Pavlyuchenko pressing.

    74'Dangerous counter-attack, Bilyaletdinov makes bad pass.

    73'Van Persie misses a goal, too wide.

    72'Yellow card for Kolodin after foul on van Nistelrooy. Free kick near box line!

    71'Saenko misses the ball near goal after Arshavin pass!

    70'Fantastic combination! Anyukov shots from narrow angle to van der Sar!

    69'Russia make a substitution: Bilyaletdinov comes on for Semshov.

    68'Russian counter-attack and Pavlyuchenko can't shot after cross.

    67'Afellay shot is blocked. Netherlands are active but 0:1.

    66'Akinfeev makes mistake after corner but van Persie misses a header kick.

    65'Few crosses from the right and Pavlyuchenko shots from narrow angle wide.

    64'Nice shot from Zyryanov is blocked. Corner!

    63'Far shot from van Persie. Too high!

    62'Netherlands make a substitution: Afellay comes on for Engelaar.

    61'Easy shot from van der Vaart, Akinfeev saves.

    60'Van der Vaart is booked.

    59'Can you believe???

    58'Saenko shots from the box line to right!


    0:1! Pavlyuchenko!

    Pavlyuchenko shots to left corner from 7 meters after cross from the left wing!

    55'Dangerous shot from Arshavin from 35 meters! Wide.

    54'Van Persie is booked for rough play against Zyryanov.

    53'Netherlands make a substitution: Heitinga comes on for Boulahrouz. Boulahrouz, be strong!

    52'Zhirkov is the best in Russian defence. Very accurate! and stable

    51'Arshavin is on the ground in the enemy's box but no whistle!

    50'Boulahrouz is booked for rough play against Arshavin.

    49'Semak is injured in clash with van Nistelrooy.

    48'Dangerous! De Jong misses the ball after fine cross from van der Vaart!

    47'Van Basten people try to score from first seconds.

    46'The second half begins!

    46'Netherlands make a substitution: Van Persie comes on for Kuyt.

    -The first half ends!

    NETHERLANDS - RUSSIA 0:0 after 45 minutes!

    45'1 minute is added.

    45'Kolodin makes a fire near own penalty area but Akinfeev saves!

    44'Semshov can't stop the ball in the box.

    43'Dangerous cross but nobody from Oranje can make header shot.

    43'One more foul from Hiddink players. 30 meters to goal.

    42'Russian keeper catches the ball after its high flight.

    41'Semshov commits a foul on Sneijder in 33 meters from Akinfeev goal.

    40'Semak shoots wide from 30 meters.

    39'You are welcome to “Comments” section. Please ask your questions about this match and I will answer it with pleasure.

    38'Zhirkov makes pass from the corner, Saenko shots from the box line, blocked!

    37'Zyryanov does not shot and passes bad to Zhirkov on the left.

    36'Arshavin shoots from the left corner but Holland are accurate.

    35'Van Bronckhorst saves after pass to Saenko in box.

    34'Russia are better. Do you agree?

    33'Kolodin fires from 40 meters near right nine!

    32'Far kick from Kolodin and van der Sar saves near crossbar.

    31'Arshavin gets past opposing defence and fires from narrow angle, keeper saves!

    30'Few passes into Russian box but all is Ok now.

    29'De Jong and van Nistelrooy miss the ball near goal after a cross from rightl! Very very dangerous!

    28'Kolodin commits a foul on van Nistelrooy near the left touch line.

    27'Russia make too much crosses but most are to opponents.

    26'Boulahrouz wins a corner, dangerous shot from Engelaar but in 1 meter to right!

    25'25 minutes have past. 0:0. The game is equal.

    24'Saenko is caught offside on the right.

    23'Van der Sar parries the second cross in the same attack.

    22'Boulahrouz commits a foul on Zhirkov on the left near own box.

    21'Nice cross from Anyukov and few Russians can't shot from few meters.

    20'Dangerous! Ignashevich saves after Sneijder have fired from 15 metres!

    19'First offside, Kuyt is too fast on the right wing.

    18'Boulahrouz is injured in fight. Let's wish him to be strong!

    17'Akinfeev parries dangerous kick from the right channel.

    16'Zhirkov losses the ball near right touch line.

    15'Russia do not hurry. Zhirkov shoots one more from free kick but too high from the goal.

    14'Bad cross from the left from Pavlyuchenko, nobody shoots.

    13'Holland are more active now. Russia take a pause.

    12'Fast attack, Pavlyuchenko sends Semshov forward but misses a pass.

    11'Cross from the left to Zyryanov. Kuyt sends a ball far away.

    10'Russia have huge advantage in first 10 minutes.

    9'Few positional attacks from Holland, Akinfeev stops it.

    8'Pavlyuchenko shoots by head higher from 5 meters!

    7'Kolodin fires from far distance, second corner!

    6'Zhirkov shoots, van der Sar saves in near corner!

    5'Van Bronckhorst fouls on the left corner of own box.

    4'The game is slow on the first seconds.

    3'Cross from the left wing. Kuyt jumps higher than Zhirkov and makes header wide.

    2'Russia builds first dangerous attack but van der Sar will make goal kick.

    1'Russia kick off, and they will attack from right to left in the first half.

    -The anthems are out of the way, and we are ready to start!

    -Both teams are on the field.

    -Players are going from dressing rooms.

    -NETHERLANDS squad:

    1 Edwin van der Sar

    2 Andrй Ooijer

    4 Joris Mathijsen

    5 Giovanni van Bronckhorst

    8 Orlando Engelaar

    9 Ruud van Nistelrooy

    10 Wesley Sneijder

    17 Nigel de Jong

    18 Dirk Kuyt

    21 Khalid Boulahrouz

    23 Rafael van der Vaart


    3 John Heitinga

    6 Demy de Zeeuw

    7 Robin van Persie

    11 Arjen Robben

    12 Mario Melchiot

    13 Henk Timmer

    14 Wilfred Bouma

    15 Tim de Cler

    16 Maarten Stekelenburg

    19 Klaas Jan Huntelaar

    20 Ibrahim Afellay

    22 Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink

    Russia squad:

    1 Igor Akinfeev

    4 Sergei Ignashevich

    8 Denis Kolodin

    9 Ivan Saenko

    10 Andrei Arshavin

    11 Sergei Semak

    17 Konstantin Zyryanov

    18 Yuri Zhirkov

    19 Roman Pavlyuchenko

    20 Igor Semshov

    22 Aleksandr Anyukov


    2 Vasili Berezutski

    3 Renat Yanbaev

    5 Aleksei Berezutski

    6 Roman Adamov

    7 Dmitri Torbinski

    12 Vladimir Gabulov

    13 Oleg Ivanov

    14 Roman Shirokov

    15 Diniyar Bilyaletdinov

    16 Vyacheslav Malafeev

    21 Dmitri Sychev

    23 Vladimir Bystrov

    -Welcome to Liveresult.ru live coverage of clash between Holland and Russia!

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