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Eurovision will take place on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kyiv as well as on the squares of different Ukrainian cities

    19 January 2021 Tuesday

    Another meeting of the Organizing Committee working group took place on the 6th of April. The members of the meeting discussed issues connected with the processes of organizing and holding of the contest and decided to ask the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine and Kyiv City State administration to forbid any traffic in Khreschatyk Street in Kyiv from the 18th till 22nd of May taking into account a great many guests that are going to visit the capital of Ukraine these days.“The central district of Kyiv will live with Eurovision in its heart.” “Ukrainian people are well aware that it will be of higher prestige to watch the show from Maidan Nezalezhnosti together with politicians and Ukrainian singers than to be in Palats Sportu (Palace of Sport) and watch the contest with European delegations. That’s why we have to provide all the guests with maximum comfortable conditions,” – says the co-head of the committee, Mykola Tomenko.

    It will be the first time in the history of the Eurovision contest that there will be 3-minute direct connection with the stage on Maidan Nezalezhnosti and 5-minute connection with Khreschatyk Street, the main street in Kyiv. The members of the committee supported this idea – the Maidan stage is to be similar to the revolutionary one which was the reason for the whole world to know about Ukraine.

    The members of the organizing committee enthusiastically supported the

    idea of local authorities from different Ukrainian towns to construct similar stages for everybody to watch Eurovision-2005 live on the squares of their native towns.

    The press-service of the Vice Prime Minister M. Tomenko

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