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Hryvnia on the interbank market fell to 14.30 per dollar

    23 January 2021 Saturday

    Today, 26 August, at the close of the interbank market of Ukraine exchange rate of the American dollar in sales rose by 50 cents to 14.30 hryvnia / dollar. The euro rose on sale for 55 cents.

    Bidding on the dollar closed in the range 13,95-14,3 hryvnia / dollar, euro 18,0452-18,3146 hryvnia / euro, Russian ruble 0,3727-0,3758 hryvnia / RUB.

    As the dollar strengthened in the market today and in exchange offices to 13.72 hryvnia / dollar (an increase of 9 cents), a course in the purchase - up to 13.22 hryvnia / dollar (up 14 cents).

    Recall the dollar on the interbank market continues to break records. This morning trading on the dollar opened quotations 13,5-13,9 hryvnia / dollar, but as of 12:00 local currency continued to fall. As a result of the dollar against the hryvnia was already 13,9-14,1.

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