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Hungary asks legal remedy from Ukraine for questioning of Hungarian citizenship applicants

    18 January 2021 Monday

    Hungary expects Ukraine to explain recent questioning of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia in connection with their applications for Hungarian citizenship and ensure legal remedy, the foreign ministry state secretary told reporters in parliament on Monday.

    This act can be linked to the Ukrainian secret services, which Hungary considers to be in breach not only of Ukrainian domestic laws but of international laws as well, Zsolt Nemeth said, after a closed-door meeting of parliament's foreign affairs and national cohesion committees.

    Hungary can not tolerate that Hungarian people get vexed, regardless whether they are Hungarian citizenship applicants or not, and calls on Ukraine to stop this act.

    Hungary is also interested to know whether the Ukrainian secret services had conducted these questionings on their own or on a political assignment, or whether a joint operation involving a more influential secret service might have been in the background.

    Nemeth, at the same time, said it was a positive sign that in the past twelve days, since Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen stated Hungary's reservations about the issue, no further questionings had been reported.

    Ukraine has not given Hungary any official notification of objections concerning the country's new citizenship law, Nemeth said, expressing hope that the balanced relations between the two countries can be maintained.

    A new law effective of January 1 this year allows Hungarians living abroad to obtain citizenship under a simplified procedure.

    By the end of April, around 70,000 Hungarians from the diaspora had submitted applications.

    In the Transcarpathian Region, western Ukraine, the number of ethnic Hungarians amounts to 150,000.


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