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International Food Not Bombs Gathering in Ukraine

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    The gathering will take place together with the No Border Camp from August 11 through 20, 2007 in the main region of transit and labor migration in Ukraine: Transcarpathia.

    There is an explosion of Food Not Bombs activities in Eastern Europe. In Russia alone there are about 50 groups that are regularly doing actions.

    We already started to form a program of workshops, discussions, practical trainings etc. But we prefer the program of the camp to be formed by the people who will come there. So if you've got something to share or contribute - please let us know now! It can be any topic you are interested in, not only the main topic of the camp.

    Food Not Bombs is a form of protest against militarism and nuclear energy, poverty and homelessness. Hundreds of FNB groups in the world give out food for free to the people in need. It is a direct action against the capitalist system of greed and profit. FNB groups share food on the street, at protests and during actions and thus help to reclaim everyday life by building autonomous anti-authoritarian structures of self-sustainability in our communities.

    FNB groups from Ukraine and Russia call for an International Food Not Bombs Gathering.

    It will take place in Ukraine, not far from city Uzhgorod, from the 11th till the 20th of August 2007. This event will happen together with the :: International No Border Camp against the system of deportation and the policy of 'Fortress Europe' and 'Global Apartheid'.

    We hope to bring together FNB divisions from all over the world. Today Eastern Europe experiences an explosion of Food Not Bombs activities. In Russia alone there are about 50 groups that regularly carry out actions. There dozens of groups in Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.

    There will be different kinds of workshops, seminars, discussions and trainings: from exchanges of recipes to discussions on political aspects of Food Nor Bombs. How can protest be more visibly expressed at actions (banners, leaflets, music etc.) How to deal with the growing situation of repression (examples of the USA, Belarus, Russia, Philippines etc.) How to combine FNB with other forms of protest? Also activists from different countries will exchange their experience of dealing with cops and other trouble-makers, communication with passers-by etc, creating a community with people whom they feed and so on.

    As for the practical side of the Gathering, besides meeting each other and share our experience as FNB groups all over the world (we already know that some FNB activists for instance from the USA and Australia plan to come) we will take care of the food providing for the No Border camp. Also we will probably do some actions in the surrounding area. We will discuss and plan all the details when we meet. Please take into account that Ukraine has cancelled the visa regime for the citizens of the European Union, the USA and some other countries, so if you have a passport of some Western country you probably do not need any visa to join us. Feel free to spread this call-out through your contacts.

    We would like to see this gathering based on 'real' democratic principles and call for you all to help us with this. If you think you can organize a workshop or a seminar on a subject you find important feel free to do so and let us now if you need any help. Because the general approach is of course DIY (Do It Yourself) we would appreciate it to bring as many necessary materials for your workshop yourself.

    For the realization of this meeting (and the camp in general) we of course call for the support and inspiration from all of you!

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