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As a long term British expatriate in Ukraine, this is great news and long overdue

    22 January 2021 Friday

    Most airlines have been reducing flights here and much of the local airline market is under the control of one particularly unpleasant oligarch group which provides lousy and very unreliable services at ridiculous prices - in fact when I have had the time to do so, in the last couple of years I have taken to taking the train to Budapest and flying on to the UK from there rather than pay these prices, despite that meaning 31 - 34 hours on at least 4 trains.

    The only budget airline currently operating in Ukraine is Wizzair. They have cut back to two flights to Luton a week. I would not describe their prices as  "budget" at all - in fact if you are taking baggage it is cheaper to fly BA -  and they fly at inconvenient times to suit themselves, which means an overnight stop in Kiev at least one way (if you are travelling on as I am). As I have been telling people for some time Wizzair is the airline that makes Ryanair look very good.

    I would expand this to any other sectors looking to invest in Ukraine. The country is perceived as having a high country risk, and currently FDI here is something just over nil. I would argue that, given the right approach, this risk is manageable. Currently lt would appear that investors perceive countries and regions like Egypt, Kurdistan and North Africa to be a lower risk than Ukraine. But in Ukraine you will not find bearded maniacs commandeering your assets and beheading your staff. You will most likely find a lot of venality, obfuscation and frustration, not to mention some unsavoury characters but this can be managed with the right approach - and not by paying backhanders. The war zone meanwhile is confined to one corner of the country and has entered a long-term WW1 trench scenario.

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