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Nearly 50,000 Tickets Will be sold for the Concerts of the Eurovision Song Contest

    27 January 2021 Wednesday

    Ticket sales offices received close to 50,000 tickets for the 8 official concerts of the Eurovision-2005 Song Contests. Amongst them there are close to one thousand tickets for the final and close to two thousand tickets for the Semi-final of the Contest.
    Inasmuch that the ticket sale wickets at Palats Sportu were not prepared to sell tickets, a decision was taken to start selling them through the network of ticket wickets of Olvia – the official distributor of tickets for the Eurovision concerts. The ESC-2005 marketing manager Oleksiy Yurchenko made this information public.

    The concerts for which tickets will be made available for sale are those below:

    May 18, Wednesday

    15:00 Dress Rehearsal for the Semi-final

    21:00 Dress Rehearsal for the Semi-final

    May 19, Thursday

    15:00 Dress Rehearsal for the Semi-final

    22:00 Semi-final (Live transmission)

    May 20, Friday

    15:00 Dress Rehearsal for the Final

    21:00 General Rehearsal for the Final

    May 21, Saturday

    15:00 Dress Rehearsal for the Final

    22:00 Final (Live transmission)

    Local time GMT (1 hour ahead of Central European Time)

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