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The new Cabinet of Ukraine has been finally formed

    18 January 2021 Monday

    Today Viktor Yushchenko President of Ukraine has signed the number of decrees concerning the appointment to the Cabinet of Ukraine. The final staff of the Cabinet is following:

    Stanislav Stashevsky – the first vice-Premier of Ukraine;

    Roman Bezsmertny – vice-Premier of Ukraine;

    Vyacheslav Kirilenko – vice-Premier of Ukraine;

    Viktor Baloga – Minister for Emergency Control and Protection of the Population form the Sequences of Chernobyl;

    Alexander Baranivsky – Minister of Agrarian Policy;

    Bogdan Butsa – Minister of the cabinet of Ukraine;

    Anatoly Gritsenko – Minister of Defense of Ukraine;

    Pavel Ignatenko – Minister of Ecology;

    Yuri Lucenko – Minister of Internal Affairs;

    Stanislav Nikolaenko – Minister of Education and Science;

    Yuri Pavlenko – Minister on Family and Sport;

    Ivan Plachkov – Minister of Fuel and Energy;

    Ivan Sakhan – Minister of Labor and Social Policy;

    Boris Tarasuk – Minister for Foreign Affairs;

    Viktor Topolov – Minister of Coal Industry;

    Vladimir Shandra – Minister of Industrial Policy;

    Arseny Yatsenyuk – Minister of Economy;

    Anatoly Kinakh – Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine;

    Yuri Ekhanurov – Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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